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Veil for Pronovias Harlem?

Okay ladies! I'm usually only on my local boards, but figured I'd come right to the promised land of gown advice to get the veil guidance I'm looking for. I will be wearing a light ivory Pronovias Harlem at our wedding in January (coastal Massachusetts). I'm torn on what kind of veil to wear. I don't want anything more bold than a pencil edge (I'd like the veil to look light) and am considering going with Occansey because they're relatively affordable and would allow me to reduce the gathering at the top of the veil for a more sheer (less poufy) look. The gown has a chapel train and no beading or lace (just strategic folds and asymmetrical gathering at the side seam). Fingertip or cathedral? Drop? Argh! What would you wear?? For a sense of our wedding's aesthetic, feel free to check my planning bio for ceremony venue. It's a religious ceremony in a classic white-steepled New England church. The reception will be formal, though not black tie. Here's the gown: [img][/img] Any and all opinions would be appreciated. I'll be wearing a gardenia in my hair at the reception, so whatever the veil, it will be coming off.
Wedding Date: January 16th, 2010


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Re: Veil for Pronovias Harlem?

  • I think cathedral would be great for the dress, and the venue. I really actually love the veil in the photograph it's very different!I think a drop veil (or wearing a blusher) is a very "comfort" type of decision. Do you want one? If so I think it would look great with this dress. I also think a lace trimmed veil would be beautiful since the dress is very simple.So in short I think a cathedral drop veil (cut edge, or lace) would be awesome.
  • I think Cathedral would look beautiful!!
  • Cathedral! It would look great in your church. My cathedral length veil was also from Occansey - I loved it!
  • We're dress twins!!!!! My dress is coming in in less than a month and I am SOOO excited!! I'm wearing a cathedral length veil, I didn't really try any other kinds on with it so I don't know if Im any help. There's a pic of me with the dress on and the veil in my bio...take a look:)

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