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Mori Lee 4163 v. Bonny 821

Ok- so here is my dilemna. I found the Bonny 821 dress in Fairfax, VA. It was the first "one" I found. It just looked amazing on me. Before I started shopping, I wasn't thrilled with pick-ups on dresses, but after trying a few on- the full bottoms with pickups looked best on me.I ended up going to California to visit one of my BMs and found the Mori Lee 4163 dress and fell in love with that one too. They were around the same prices but the customer service in California was amazing. I saw a picture of someone selling their Mori Lee and the dress looks horrible. I am not sure if it the same dress or a copy, or if she got it altered, but it just looks much different than the dress I tried on...Now here is my problem... I want to find a place where I can try on both dresses at the same time- but I have had NO luck! What should I do? Has anyone found the Mori Lee 4163 dress around the DC area? Have any brides purchased either one of those dresses?Thank you!!!!!! (Sorry for my lengthy post!)
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Re: Mori Lee 4163 v. Bonny 821

  • I would try asking on your local board.  But if you want my opinion, I like the Bonny dress better.
  • I posted a message on my local board as well. I wanted to get an idea of any other brides have worn either one of these dresses before. Thanks! :) I keep jumping back and forth between Bonny and Mori Lee- If I could find a store that had them both- or even other brides who have worn them before- it would make things much easier.
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  • I googled the Bonny 821 and someone has it for sale on St Louis Craigslist FYI for $250 in a size 12, not sure what size you are I like the Mori Lee one a little better, something about the skirt makes it different and stand out moreDo you have pictures of you in both the dresses, I found that helpful when making decisions, and you can do that if you can't find both dresses in the same store
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  • Thanks becs11048. I have a few pictures of the Mori Lee dress- but I don't have a picture of it straight on- which would be helpful. The Bonny dress I only have a cell phone picture of taken from far away (they wouldn't allow pictures of the dress in the store- but my sister snuck a picture with her phone anyway).The Mori Lee dress looks much different in the picture than it did on me- the bottom seemed to hang a lot nicer on the actual dress than the one in the picture. I really like it too- it's just too hard!
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  • aly - i had luck once when i was looking for a dress calling the designer directly and then they sent it to a local shop that carried the same line
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  • I bought the Mori Lee one and fell in love with it at first sight. It looks different than the picture on their website. I don't live in DC so I can't help you there. Good Luck!
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