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  • In its original context, laser pointer meant peen. None of you tampon flushers are invited to my apartment during menses.
  • Groomz is killing me today.  Both for the watermelon comment, and becuase he's standing by his stance on tampon flushing.  Which I find pretty funny from anyone that is nto a woman, a plumber, or HT's landlord.
  • I have eaten an entire pound of potato salad. Today. By myself. And I don't feel sick because I have an entire pound of potato salad in my tummy, I feel sick that I only lasted about 3 hours on a "diet".  Foff you will power!!!
  • HT might be responsible for the first time I have ever burst out laughing while blowing my nose. NOT a good thing.

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  • I used to manage a movie theater, and I can't tell you the number of times we've had a toilet flood to the point that water came into the lobby.  Every single time it was because of tampons.  And the thought of a tampon-clogged pipe was almost as disgusting as the turds floating past my box office cashier.  From that point, I decided that only skanky chicks with tall hair and glittergloss were ponflushers.
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    Lordy. Grow some balls and stop lurking. It's like stealing from the internet. Jesuschrist. -- AudreyHorne
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  • Women are gross. I read somewhere that their periods attract bears. BEARS CAN SMELL THE MENSTRUATIONI am putting groomz in my sig, and henceforth, my new word for undesirable ladies will be "ponflushers"
  • Did I just get bumped from Groomz's siggy?  HT, you are going down.
    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • Denise Fleming is a tampon.  <--------This has me ROLLING.  1 more day and I'm on vacation for a week.  I'm not going anywhere but I don't have to work.I've also decided to move.  I'm going to rent my current house to some guys from a local fraternity.  SUCK IT NEIGHBORS!!
  • I am still at the committee and have been here since 8 am. I am getting close to starting a riot. I also thought do not flush tampons meant the whole thing so I used to wrap them in toilet papere and put them in the bin.
  • I HATE with a fiery passion both of my SILs. One is a tattle tale and married to a jackass and one of her 4 kids she can't afford is a total brat! The other married a man with a child had her own and now wants him to relinquish custody of his son b/c she doesn't like the child anymore! WTF?
  • In homes, I think septic systems have difficulty with tampons but public systems are usually okay.I'm pretty sure the bathrooms in Groomz's theater were furbished with sub-par water flow.  Either that, or someone was also flushing condoms, cigars, and douche bags to stop up those toilets.
  • Dudes, you do not FLUSH tampons!  Your plumbing can clog and the grossness of unclogging will be twelve times the grossness of a wrapped up tampon in your trash can.I wrap and throw in the trash, but empty the trash daily when I'm bleeding.
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