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September 2009 Weddings

AW (not really): First Fitting pics

I'm done having my hissy fit... here are the better of the few pics my sister ended up taking against my wishes... [img]http://i31.tinypic.com/wji42d.jpg[/img][img]http://i26.tinypic.com/2m5cxeh.jpg[/img]

Re: AW (not really): First Fitting pics

  • lookityou glamazon ♥
  • Oh shush.... Check this one out: [img]http://i27.tinypic.com/atx0ye.jpg[/img]I don't think I've ever looked more miserable =/
  • aww MB, turn your frown upside down! It will all work out and you will look BEAUTIFUL.
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  • I had seen your FB update and wanted to ask about the fitting..but didn't want to bug you. You and dress both look awesome. Don't stress. Even in the picture where you say you look miserable, I think you look pretty!! The dress is really great!! :o)
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  • you look scared sh!tless! Stop it! You look fabulous. End of story.
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  • Very pretty!  You will look amazing!
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  • You look great and the detailing is gorgeous!  How are you altering it?  Are you changing to a sweetheart?
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  • I think the dress looks great! What is the issue with it?
  • Why so sad?  :(  You look gorgeous!  Even in the pouty pic, you look hot!!
  • Why?  Why you ask?[img]http://i29.tinypic.com/kamvle.jpg[/img]it wouldn't zip. =(
  • Aww :(  I stand by my (and everybody else's!) statement though -- you look STUNNING in your dress, and it will all work out!
  • Oooooh. See I couldnt tell that from the other pictures. Do a lot of cardio and your boobs will shrink. That may give you some extra inches.
  • See everyone else said the same thing I said...you are going to look fabulous. And the dress WILL zip on your wedding day. You can do it!
  • MB honestly it doesn't look that bad. So WHAT, it doesn't zip, you've got 50 days to figure out a little solution. Also, it makes your bewbs look great. The embroidery is stunning. AND at least its the right length!
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  • Aww you look fabulous though!  You have plenty of time to lose a couple inches in the chest/boob area.  You will be fine!
  • Can I just tell you that I was in tears today at my seamstress's house over the "armpit fat" my dress gave me? Seriously. Bawling! There was barely anything there if at all and all it took was letting out the top a smidge and it was perfect. Helllooo I have boobs. All of that blubbering for nothing! You look fantastic. Dont worry. :D
    Kari & Jesse 09.26.09


  • The dress is awesome, and zippers are highly over-rated! I had to go up a size just to zip over the girls too, so I understand. It killed me, but what is a 38C to do?
  • All corset closing issues aside, I think your dress is GORGEOUS. And you in it is even more gorgeous. :-) I think wedding dresses with color in them are sooooo pretty. My dress has color in it as well. I think you can definitely lose what you want to by the wedding. Every time I go to the fridge, I picture my wedding dress. Hasn't worked this well this past week but was working extremely well. 'Do I really need this' and 'Is there a better use for my ww points?' became my mantras, lol. Good luck and you'll be gorgeous on your wedding day no matter what! :-)
  • see silly girl? All this worry for what is essentially nothing.  It was a fitting. Not the final fitting, not the day of your wedding... just a fitting.  Seamstresses have jobs for a reason, m'dear.It's GOING to work out and you are going to be beautiful in your dress. ♥
  • MeegMeeg member
    You can shrink.. and you're not wearing your spanx.. and you could always ask (and pay) for a corset back.
  • I know how you feel about the dress not zipping.  The sample size dress wouldn't zip because of my 34D boobs so they ordered the next size up.  But, when it came in, it still wouldn't zip over my chest.  All it took for me was 5 lbs and 2 levels of Shred.  Although, I was only one size away from it zipping.It's not hopeless!  If you start working out and sticking to WW, the first area you'll lose is in the chest.  If that still doesn't work, let the seamstress do her magic.  I'm not a fan of colored embroidery/beading but I really love the detailing on you dress :)
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  • Everyone loses weight differently though. My boobs are huge and that's the last place I lose from. I hear that's a dream come true but I'm gonna have to disagree. There's always something that can be done. Dont stress!
    Kari & Jesse 09.26.09


  • Thanks ladies.... it's still discouraging to know that *I* did this to myself.... but true... I have 49 days to fix it... we shall see what everything looks like at the 2nd fitting towards the end of the month.
  • Well, my dear MB, I was in the exact same predicament as you are. I had my first fitting in June and went back on July 18 and my dress zipped!!You'll be absolutely fine. there is a LOT of extra fabric in the seams on the zipper and down the sides. It WILL zip! I promise! I went up a full dress size and the AA seamstress is a miracle worker.And BTW: You.Look.Gorgeous. :)
  • I'm just wondering, if it is corset why does it have to zip? No flames, but when i went to my first fitting a couple weeks ago I couldnt button it, but she tied me up and it felt great! She said she could move the buttons over if i wanted, but that she didn't see any reason to since it fit perfectly....
  • I apologize!! I went back and reread, I thought I read it was lace up!
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