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March 2010 Weddings

Wedding Colors

I know that I don't post often but I trust ya'll's opinion. So originally my colors for the wedding were cobalt/royal blue with accents of yellow and orange at the reception. Since, I have fallen in love with the idea of the BMs carrying all green bouquets. When my mom and I were talking and she thinks that would be too many colors. I don't mind changing my colors to blue, green and yellow since I haven't boght anything yet but I just wanted ya'll's opinion, is is too many colors?

Re: Wedding Colors

  • I could answer this question better if you let us know if your bridesmaids have ordered their dresses already.if they have, what color did you pick?  if not, what color do you want for the dress?  then I can think about the accent colors from there :-)
  • I think there really isn't a limit on accent colors. I'm doing black, ivory, pink and orange. And I'm sure there will be green in there. No big deal. Do what you want. :-)
  • i think those colors complement each other nicely.  cobalt blue is a beautiful color.  i think your accent colors will really pop against it! gerbera daisies in those colors would be gorgeous! :)
  • Ooh, I am also doing green and blue! Those are our main colours for the reception, but I really like yellow tulips and keep going back to them. I haven't totally decided on them yet, but might have them as the centerpieces.I think you can have as many colours as you like. I've seen a couple people around here who have 4 or five colours.
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