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August 2009 Weddings

hehe, friend fail

So, a friend just posted on my facebook:TOMORROW IS YOUR BIG DAY!!! I am sure its going to be amazing. congrats again.. enjoy every moment and i can't wait to hear about it!!Eh, no worries, I mix up my 8's and 1's all the time.

Re: hehe, friend fail

  • ::giggle:: I wish we had a "Like" button here.
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  • :-D Maybe she just thought the 8 was the month?!? lol!
  • My hairstylist called me today asking if my wedding was this week.  I was like ..uhh no it's next week.  She started to laugh and said, "Oh....well we're definitely ready to go for next week then."
  • My MOH did that for another friend's wedding a few years ago, but she actually drove 3 hours to the wedding on the wrong weekend.  It still makes me laugh.
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