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Can someone recommend one who has a good sense of humor please....

Re: Recommend a JP

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    Judy Martone Peluso. We asked her to provide a few laughs during our ceremony because we get nervous when we are the center of attention. We also wanted to keep it serious, but light at the same time. She did a great job!
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    Mary Pugh :)
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    I very highly recommend Sara Carson (  See review in my married bio.
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    We're working with Sal Fiore (Google him - weddings by Sal). We met with him in his home and he made us feel very comfortable right away. He's easy going and I'm sure he'd incorporate humor where you want it / need it.
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    we are using Cami Rosenberg-Dews. i LOVE her. she sent us an entire document filled with funny vows we can incorporate! she is young and totally fun and i just ADORE her. her website is [url][/url] i think... and her prices are super reasonable, too!
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