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Something Old, Something New. Something Borrowed, Something Blue....

Hi,If you are choosing to do this what are you doing for each of these?  I have the blue and the new but not the others yet.  I'm curious to see what you are doing.  Thanks so much!!  :)

Re: Something Old, Something New. Something Borrowed, Something Blue....

  • There is a board in the Special Wedding Topics dedicated to this.  You will probably find a lot of stuff there.


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  • Old: My grandmother made my garter out of lace that her mother handmade before immigrating to Canada.New: My dressBorrowed: My grandmother's pearl drop earringsBlue: Light blue ribbon woven through the lace on my garter.
  • Old:  The garter that her grandmother and mother both wore, her grandmother's rosary beads in her bouquet, a cocktail ring that she inherited from her grandmother who inherited it from her aunt.New:  dress, earrings, braceletBorrowed:  Mom's good pearlsBlue:  Garter ribbon and sapphires in her soroity pin.
  • Old: My engagement ring/wedding band. They were his great-grandmothers.New: My Dress.Borrowed: My jewelry. Earrings, necklace and bracelet belongs to my grandmother.Blue: Panties and garter.

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  • Old: The diamond in my engagement ring is a family heirloom New: My dress, veil, etc Borrowed: Not sure yet, but my mom has a great jewelery collection, so maybe something of hers Blue: My soroity flower is the Forget-me-Not, which is blue. I have a pendent with the flower pressed between glass, I am going to pin that to my bouquet.
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