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September 2009 Weddings

Organizing Seating?

I am just about 3 weeks into getting relpies, but now I'm thinking about how I'm going to start organiznig my seating. Since we gave people food choices, we need to do exact name places for the banquet hall. What is the easiest way to do this? It seems so complicated! Help!!

Re: Organizing Seating?

  • I uploaded my guest list to weddingwire.com and I've used their seating chart function.
    [ Jill & Doug September 6, 2009 ][ The Lighthouse Diaries ]

  • Ditto to WeddingWire ( thanks Jill!)
  • NP, MB!
    [ Jill & Doug September 6, 2009 ][ The Lighthouse Diaries ]

  • Good to know about WW. I just did this tonight in Excel!
  • It would be much easier to assign people to tables and let them choose their own seats rather than choosing everyone's seats. You can put a symbol or color on each placecard to note food choices.
  • Diamond - most places where you do a plated meal require you to give them the seating chart ahead of time, so they know where everyone is to be able to bring their food out and get it served as quickly as possible.
  • Posterboard sized blow up of venue map + Post It notes. I have a funky venue so it is too hard to map otherwise.
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  • I asked the venue coordinator for a seating plan chart of their floor plan. She e-mailed it right away and that's what I'll be using.
  • We're doing the same thing as Diamond.  We had 3 entree options and are using 3 different colored place cards.  We'll tell the catering staff how many chicken, beef, veggies are at each table and let them know which color coordinate to which entree....they can figure it out from there.  I've never seen a wedding where they tell you exactly what seat to sit in. 
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