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Searching for discounted Priscilla of Boston wedding gown!

I am looking for a Priscilla of Boston dress style 4307. the price at the store was $4950.00, which is way out of my price range. Here is a description of the dress:Re-embroidered lace strapless, fitted gown with scallop finished neckline and skirt hem, satin waistband, and scattered crystals. Does anyone have this dress and willing to sell it? Does anyone know where I could find discounted Priscilla dresses?

Re: Searching for discounted Priscilla of Boston wedding gown!

  • It is a beautiful dress.  I would check or
  • beautiful dress - saw it at PoB when I was in for a fitting for my dress.  as an FYI, its from Fall2009 line, which means you are unlikely to find someone who will be selling it used - may find someone who ordered it and now has second thoughts but couldn't cancel the order, but since it is from a newer line, it will probably be hard to find used.  depends when your wedding is - if you can wait for a while before ordering, you may see it crop up, but unfortunately IMHO you will probably have have to buy at full-price from store (check if there is a PoB trunk show coming up - at least you'll get 15% off which was a huge savings for me as my Melissa Sweet was about the same cost as the one you are looking at - also got my veil at 15% off during trunk show), or have a knockoff made. 
  • Hey, Thanks for the suggestions. I checked out both of those websites and didn't find anything. Keep the suggestions coming!
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