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March 2010 Weddings

Activity Bags

Is anyone planning on giving the kids that attend the wedding an activity bag at their table to keep them busy?If so, what are you putting in the bags?

Re: Activity Bags

  • we have about 7 kids (the jr. bridesmaid, jr. usher, FG, RB, and 3 cousins helping with the reception). these kids are the only ones allowed to come. but since there are so many, we are doing activity bags. I was thinking of including coloring books (either buying them or making wedding/personalized books), crayons, some small travel/table games...not sure. but definitely putting all the kids at the same table and letting them just enjoy their time together! what are you planning?
  • I am planning same as pp. Except we will have between 20 and 30 kids under 12. Fortunately for us, the reception location is doing a kids buffet at a significantly cheaper price than the regular dinner! Coloring books, bubbles, anything hannah montana, high school musical, transformers, travel board games, card games. And we have informed our DJ that we want some "kid friendly" stuff. I want them to have just as much fun as the adults!
  • We're making bags...but I don't know how many kids we'll have. I'm thinking 5-6. I'm going to get coloring books, maybe bubbles [the kiddies will be older] and some other things I haven't quite worked out yet.
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  • We'll have a couple of toddlers and a couple of babies. Our venue has a spare room with a TV and some couches. We'll bring in some pizza and hire a babysitter and pop in a disney movie or two...
  • No kids for us excepthe flower girl and ring bearer. I'm planning to give them gifts that they can play with at the wedding, but the flower girl was her mom's flower girl this past summer and she danced the whole time so I'm not too worried about her. As for Manny, he's obsessed with pictures so I"m getting him a kiddie camera...should keep him entertained. I do think activity bags are a great idea though. Just be sure to include thins that won't make a mess (no markers!!).
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  • We are having about 20 kids under 12 so I we will have coloring stuff - I am making a wedding themed coloring/activity book and we will also have some more "boy" things to like sports and firefighting themed pages. I also found these 40 foot rolls of coloring and activity pages at Michaels so we will have those out too. In addition to the coloring stuff we were going to have bubbles, some smaller puzzles, travel games, etc.  For the older pre-teen/teen kids I am also going to have some playing cards, sudoku books, etc.Some of the younger kids will sit with there parents as they will need to be watched more (mainly during dinner), but we will have kids tables for the rest of them and then we'll also have a table set up with more activities and some chairs so the kids can spread out there and keep busy.
  • I love the idea of having stuff for the older kids, as well; it seems they get forgotten most of the time.  I also am planning to set an extra table back in a corner somewhere with a puzzle or two, a checkerboard, and maybe a couple of brain teaser 3D puzzle type things.  I've also asked my MOH to think about it, as well, since she's more creative. 
  • There are going to be quite a few kids at my wedding.  We are lucky that most of them know each other and are friends.  I am going to take my three little siblings to a party supply store and get their input on what they would like to have to keep busy.  I'd suggest a small coloring book, tic tac toe, hangman, small games they can play together.  Remember it's not about them, but they are your guests and if little kids are happy it will go better!
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