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Okay yall I'm on another board "Lipstick Alley", and them heffas over there be on it. They will have all the business. And don't be on a reality show because you will be put on blast, especially if you act a fool, which brings me to Karee Gibson, the last Bridezilla. This girl and apparantly her new husband have all kinds of criminal records. Word on the street is that her man got someone else pregnant and she started stalking the girl and the girl got a restraining order. It's all on the Wisconsin Court System website. Karee Gibson. They done posted her myspace, facebook, and Twitter pages.  Bridezilla's done reached the bottom of the barrell this season. But I'll be turned in Sunday as usual. LOL

Re: Bridezillas-HTDN

  • Panda16Panda16 member
    edited December 2011
    Apparently, you don't need a background check to be on the show... or maybe it doesn't matter because of ratings. But the whole stalking, restraining order thing doesn't surprise me... the chick is CRAZY!!!
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    This Sunday, they have a girl from the islands.  She's crazy too!
  • blue19violetblue19violet member
    edited December 2011
    Let me say that I am NOT surprised by any of this. They both had "gangsta thug" written all over them. Some of the things: 1. She set her bm's shoe on fire *this heffa would have gotten a good ol' fashioned beat down from me.* 2. She thugged her grandma out of cash. The woman didn't even tell her that she could take the money to go to the hotel. I can't wait to see the rest of the train wrecks.
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    LMAO, I am not surpised at this heffa honestly. I saw her myspace page. She is a hot mess on there too. Ghetto as hell.  The chick she harassing must be scared of her or something. There is just no way she would be harrassing and threatening me. She need her a$$ kicked. That marriage is not going to last long at all and I told FI that ol boy will end up cheating on her if he hasn't been doing it already. Hawt damn I gotta tell him I was right. But I am like you DST, I will be watching as usual on Sunday too lol.
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    Is that chick that used to post on here on this seasons bridezilla?  I vaguely remember her mentioning something about being on the show.
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    I still havent seen this "infamous" myspace page, whats the link?
  • Crook251Crook251 member
    edited December 2011
    OMG! I checked her myspace page and I couldn't resist sending her a message. I told her that she should be ashamed of herself for acting foolish on public TV.  She responded back saying "well i'm a fool with 8 stacks in my pocket". Now I just had to comment back on that. LOL! I told that she acts like that's going to take her a long way, then I said at least she will have enough money to buy a new attitude. LOL! The chick has issuse! LOL!
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    So this has confirmed that she is just your average, run of the mill, PSYCHO.....smh.
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