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Favorite Flavor??!

What flavors are you getting? What flavors did you wish you were getting?

Re: Favorite Flavor??!

  • wildangel2189wildangel2189 member
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    My favorite flavor is chocolate and more chocolate.  Part of me wants all chocolate, part of me wants traditional wedding cake, and then part of me wants different flavors in each layer.......ahhhh decisions,!
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    Thinking of:Key lime cake with a cheesecake filling~Fla weddingAlmond cake with a raspberry filling~ or hazelnut cakechoc marble with choc genachesmall wedding and possibly all three small layers...we will see!!
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    What flavors from "It's Tasty Too"??? I am blindly using Heather from there by all the recs...what tasting flavors were great??(in MO for a Fla wedding)
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    Its not official yet, but we think we are going to go with lemon poppyseed with lemon filling and banana with bavarian cream filling.  My favorite desert is lemon poppyseed, and his is banana ice cream, so its very us. :) We also want everything to be super summer-y (since our wedding is in July) and wanted that to translate into the food as well.  I figure lemon and banana are pretty summer-y flavors :P
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