Honeymoon registries, theknot and your opinion

So Iam in an ecommerce strategies course for the summer and my group is creating a honeymoon registry site and throwing the idea of the site partnering up with (hypothetically). Everything needed for the honeymoon would be available to book at that very moment. The flight, hotel, car rental excursions, souvenirs, dinners, etc. With the partnership you'd get a great deals on all parts of the package. Incentives Each month a lucky couple would win a free hotel night, a weeks worth of car rental, airfare covered. How do you ladies feel about having the ability to create a honeymoon registry through the or similar site ? let me know your pros & cons of the idea. Thank you for your help!!! Suz

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    How is this any different from any other registry?I think they are tacky. Not registering and getting money that you decide to put towards it is one thing, but asking your guests to pay for your honeymoon is rude.
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    Oh I know how you feel. My husband and I thought of that last year and decided not to do that because cultural for our families they wouldn't feel comfy with that idea. The difference with this ideas the ability to plan your wedding in one stop. So you can log into theknot or weddingchannel and not only use the tools already available to assist with planning your wedding but create your wedding site through the theknot and connect to your honeymoon registry as well. But if the idea wasn't tacky you would try a website like the one I proposed above? Thank you, Suzanne
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    The idea of using one system for both planning your wedding and honeymoon is appealing and if you used/booked through the knot system you would be entered into a drawing, sure. But not having other people pay for it.
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    I think it would be tacky to have a straightup HM registry, but maybe if instead people could buy thinking for the HM, such as restaurant GCs, massages at the hotel, excursions, etc. it wouldn't be quite as bad. Although, I don't think it should be a registry where the couple asks for it, maybe more so here's what we're doing so guests can get that kind of stuff if they want. Plus then other guests could see what people got already and they wouldn't get something similar. Does that make any sense?
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    When my cousin got married...him and his Fi were a little older, living together and already had everything they wanted. But they wanted a dream HM in they registered at their Travel Agent and we bought them GCs to the travel agent. I say don't register for what you SHOULD register (ex: China when you would NEVER use it) but register for what you WOULD use!!! Whats the difference between registering for GCs at BB&B vs. a travel agent?!? ~erin~
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    I would never ask my guests to give me money for my HM. I know that some people do it and have no problem with it as pp mentioned. The difference is that the registry is meant to help guests get gifts for you to start your lives together.  Guests, might find it tacky to essentially ask for money with a HM registry. I think that if you have everything you want already either: 1 register to upgrade the items you currently have or 2. don't register at all and let guests figure it out. I think in the second scenario you are likely to just get cash.  
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    Not really in favor of asking for $$$ for HM ithrough a registry or in any form. I would think this would be asking for $ and I would not want to do that. I think my friends would be fine with this but I think my family (mostly the people my parents age and older) would not like this. Also I am not a big package traveler since we prefer to go to out of the way destinations so I can not see planning our HM this way. Just my two cents. Good luck with your class!
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    Ditto Scarlet. So no, I would not use it and if my friend used it I would buy something else for her or write a check.
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    eeyore4771 - What you mentioned is pretty much what we were thinking of/. So IF someone did have the honey moon registry an d as I guest I could go to a site and check it out and pay for a couple of nights of dinner or a couples maages. I wanna thank you ladies very much for your thoughts on t he idea. This will help my group with our presentation on Tuessday. Suz
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    My friend registered for her honeymoon last year, and I at first thought it was pretty tacky. But when I actually looked at the registry, I found it to be a great idea. Rather than just flat out asking for money toward's the trip, you could buy them a dinner, or a couple's massage. I was essentially buying them a gift card good towards an activity they wanted to enjoy while in Hawaii. It was all done through a website that was set up just like any store's gift registry. I think it would be awesome to have that option with On another note, a lot of people didn't buy them honeymoon gifts, but a lot did. I think if guests don't like it, they will just give something else. I don't think registering for the honeymoon is any less tacky then registering for a bunch of useless stuff you will never use just because you need to register for something.
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