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NWR... Funny Short Story

Posted this also on TN DH was shaving the other morning and I was talking to a friend through BlackBerry Messenger... (Its like AOL IM) ... Anyway, DH is the primary owner on the cell phone account, and knows more about phones... He set up my new BB and the IM... I looked at the conversation and asked him why my name appears as "Erin MyLast" DH= :pause: ... "What do you mean?" Me= "Why does it say Erin MyLast?" DH = :pause:... "What the heck do you want it so say?" Me= :glare: ... "For real? Are you really asking me that? I want it to say Erin HisLast... Did you forget we got MARRIED and I now have your last name?" DH= :long pause: ... "OH... whoops.... Guess I forgot!" UGGG men... :0)
photobucket-29369-1334754217385 2012-12-30_13-03-57_810_zps6f98a3be
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Re: NWR... Funny Short Story

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