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North Carolina

Cake mess

Early this week I posted about the wedding. Overall I am very happy on how everything turned out, but...the cake. I ordered the cake from Sweet Memories in Apex. I paid a fortune for it and I gave them specific instructions of what I wanted. The design was VERY simple, so you would think it wasn't a big deal and anyone could do it, well, not them. When I talked to the consultant this week she gave me the excuse that she didn't work the day of the delivery, but that was just an excuse. I even mailed them a sample of the color I wanted for the ribbon and the flowers. Well, they messed up BIG time. You'll see by yourself on the picture below. The ribbon was dark brown, the flowers almost orange and too small, and the pearls were silver instead of gold.They are offering me credit for another cake which I will take, BUT nothing will fix what they did. NOT contracting them for another cake EVER. They may be a good bakery but at least for me they are not worth it the money at all [img]http://tinyurl.com/nyuope[/img]  

Re: Cake mess

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    I mean the color of the roses are a bit off, but I think that cake is really pretty! Not sure what your inspiration picture looked like, but this cake isn't bad as some mistakes bakery's have done.
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    As someone whose wedding cake melted, leaned and almost fell apart - it's not that bad AT ALL. While I understand being disappointed because it didn't match your vision exactly, you're probably one of the only people that knew. Your cake was lovely despite the wrong colors.
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    Well was it delicious? The color is a little off, but like others said, you're probably the only one that really noticed. Looks like you'll have a baby shower coming up though, so get yourself a cake!
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    I'll sympathize with you here, being a person who in general is very picky and detailed oriented (which if you aren't that way, you shouldn't be in the wedding industry...b/c details are THAT important to a lot of brides)...that would have upset me. But just put it in the past, like PPs said, I'm sure you were the only one who noticed (I had to tell myself a lot of that with details of my own wedding). You definitely did the right thing by letting the bakery know their mistake...just make sure when you use that cake credit you take them for all your cake was worth! ;) (big birthday cake, anniversary party cake...make something up...haha).
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    I agree with a lot of the pp, the issue for me was that I didn't ask for anything complicated, therefore I was expecting something well done and mostly for the price I paid. Even though maybe nobody else noticed, when you look at the cake and then everything else in the room you can immediately tell it does not go with the theme. Anyway, I called them just to make them aware of their mistake and it was good that they offered the credit. Anyway, it is in the past now, it didn't ruin my day at all but if you asked me that would be the only thing I would change if I had the chance to do it all over again.
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    Shigaites that pic is nauseating!!! LOL. Anyway, totally understand your frustration with not getting what you asked them to do >:-/   I'm very picky and detail oriented too and that would bother me also... also agree with PP's though on it not being something terrible that everyone would really notice. FI's friend got married last year and the cake that was delivered looked like a Dr. Seuss cake, no kidding. They had asked for some small, simple dots (like yours) but they got ginormous blue blobs, it was ridiculous. Luckily it got corrected before the wedding even got off the ground but still... did it taste ok?
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    If you haven't been before, everyone should check out Cake Wrecks.  It reminds me that things can go much more horribly wrong than they usually do ;)[link]http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/[/link]
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