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Greenacres Art Center delema

okay, so I went and looked at greenacres art center in Indian Hill. It is the most amazing place I have ever seen and would be the most amazing reception there- trouble is, its 10,000 just to rent the place, plus you have to rent everything yourself- the tent outside and everything in it, as well as alcohol and catering.... its outside of my price range. Now no matter where I look, I still keep going back to this place. Nothing else measures up. agh! first question: has anyone ever been to a wedding there? second: do you think its stupid to get a second job and cmpromise on other things to have the wedding of your dreams, or do you think its one of those things where afterwards you think...what did I spend all that money??I really need some help here. Should I just get over it and settle on another place???

Re: Greenacres Art Center delema

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    My flameworthy confession:  When I first started planning, I booked the most expensive place we looked.  It was sort of 'the' place.  It would stretch or budget, but we *could* afford it and I then had to have it.  Problem was, while it was beautiful, it was a PITA.  The first caterer we tried was terrible, so the price would have gone up from there.  The second caterer had no service.  The third, well, lets just say they really didn't seem to care.  I let the wedding, and everything about the wedding, consume me.  I got my first grey hair.  People started commenting that I looked like crap.  I gained weight.  I was stressed, miserable, and really really ready to just forget it.  About four months out, I decided that I didn't want to be that bride.  I'm not a girly girl (nothing wrong with that, I'm just not one).  I realized I was trying to prove something... but couldn't figure out what or to who.  That I could have an expensive wedding?  I realized it had become about showing off more than the marriage.  I then did a total 180.  Found a new ceremony spot, found a new reception spot, and had the wedding that was very much Us.  And with the money we saved from the first place, we were able to add the limo, the gaming tables, a much nicer dinner, and lots of little details.  I still had the wedding of my dreams, to the man of my dreams, and we had OVER $5000 to spend on the honeymoon that we wouldn't have had otherwise.  And I heard the comment I wanted to hear most- that we had the most fun wedding our guests had ever been to.What are you 'measuring up' to?  Let's face it- there are very few platinum brides, otherwise there wouldn't be a TV show about it.  What would you have to compromise on?  Your guest list?  Or, would it be your relationship?  Trying to work 2 jobs and plan a wedding with all of the stresses that come with it is asking for disaster (says the full time student/employee/volunteer for everything chica).  I'm not trying to be down on you, I just want to explain from someone who has been there it's not all its cracked up to be.  Make your relationship the priority, and the wedding will still be the best day of your life.  Yes, there may be regrets, but no matter what you do you'll have those.   Just don't be like me.  It was not a fun way to go. I'm not saying you are, just putting my confession out.If you need some help, my email is on the Cincy bio.  I've been around these boards long enough that a girl I know going to school for event planning asks me questions about vendors.  That's kinda sad, but whatever.  Hope I didn't offend you, just my thoughts (novel, whatever).  Hang in there, the place was the hardest decision (the first time).  You'll make it!  
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    That's a lot of $$$. Have you exhausted your search? Getting a second job right now may seem fine, but wedding planning can consume a lot of your time... I just wouldn't do that to yourself and enjoy that time of being engaged. Maybe you should really look at the bar and catering cost before you settle just to get an idea of how much it will really cost you. The Art museum is cheaper... have you tried them? Good Luck. Oh... one more thing... think about things you remember about weddings you go to. I remember the food, music, people... maybe that will help?!?! The location is a wow factor upon your arrival, but then it can be forgotten about by all the other details... (at least for me)
  • HolliWouldHolliWould member
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    What if you spend all that money on that beautiful place, and the weather absolutely sucks, and you can't enjoy the grounds? 
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    thank you so much for your opinions ladies!! I agree with you all- the more I think about it, it really seems ridiculous to have it at this amazing location but then have the next year be absolutely crappy and stressful and at the end of the day wondering why I spent so much money....It is a bummer. Its a beautiful place, but I need to be realistic and realize there are many other places that I could have it at that would be amazing and memorable without the year of STRESS and money worries. thanks for your thoughts...
  • rschuckmanrschuckman member
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    How do you envision your wedding day?  Do you envision a tented wedding?  If so, maybe you could have a tented reception somewhere cheaper that the Greenacres Art Foundation (although I am completely in love with that place, and when I get engaged I'll see if that's in the budget!?).  Just think about all the elements you want in your wedding.  Then maybe we all can give you alternative venues.  There are tons of lovely wedding venues in the Cincy area.  Seriously think about how you envision your wedding day and then we can help you think of other venues.  P.S.  I don't think I would get a second job, no matter how much I loved a venue or wanted a fancy wedding.  I would rather have my sanity!
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