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Question about food price

Please don't think I'm trying to be rude and ask how much y'all are spending, but I really don't know who else to ask!  My venue wants to charge $40/head for a plated dinner (that's just the price for the food... drinks, service, space rental, etc is all separate).  I asked how much heavy hors d'oevres (I spelled that wrong... sorry!) would be, and they said still $40!  Does this sound like a lot to anyone?  Or is that totally normal?  TIA!

Re: Question about food price

  • That sounds normal.  Hors d'oeuvres require more ingredients and probably at least the same amount of labor as a plated dinner if not more.  For specific prices, ask on your local.
  • It depends on where you live. $40 sounds like a lot to me but we live in a not-so-populated area. Our venue is charging us $12-14/head(not including drinks) and that's about the norm for the area. We are doing buffet which cuts out the extra costs for servers.
  • Keeping in mind that this is an international board, it really depends on where you are located, thus the suggestions to ask this on your local board. Every area of the country charges differently for the same items. Even within the same town, no two caterers will charge the same prices. So there is no way to accurately say "yes this is a great price" or "no that's too expensive" because of the wide range of price differences. $40/per person is middle of the road. Meaning that a small town in Iowa for example will only charge $10/per person for a full meal, while that same meal in NYC will cost around $200/per person. It all depends on where you are located because there is no magic number that anyone can pinpoint as expensive vs not. Alot of people fail to realize that or just don't care.
  • ::sigh::most venues in this area are in the $100-$200 range, though that generally includes everything.
  • It really depends on where you live and the quality of your venue. I live in Southern California where things are usually more expensive, but I have seen prices ranging from $20 to more than $100. $40 doesn't seem too bad, but usually those prices include your space rental. What it comes down to is how important the quality of the food is, because you are going to get what you pay for.
  • I am paying $60 in Dallas plus alcohol--so it's more like $75 and that's for buffet.  A plated meal would be $80.
  • Wow I wish mine was that cheap! I am paying $130 pp for everything, cake, all rentals, valet. Centerpieces are not included.
  • im from south florida and i paid 45 per person it included everything. not only does it depend on area but also the venue you pick i just got lucky.
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  • I'm paying $26.50 p/p, which includes food, wine/beer/soda bar, hall rental, set-up/clean-up, servers, bartender and parking attendants.So basically everything except centerpieces and cake.  But it took me months of looking around to find a place as beautiful as it is for that price.  I'm outside Cleveland, and it's generally 20 - 60 p/p.  But, in my opinion, $40 for just the food is too expensive!
  • We're paying $100/head for all the food, drinks, cake, etc.  We're also paying a little extra for a gourmet hot chocolate bar (we're getting married in January).  I think $60 for just food sounds reasonable depending on your location and what the food selection/quality is.  I would post this to your local board.
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  • Mine is about  $87 per person for dinner, 3 hours open bar, cake included in the pkg, use of the room for unlimited time, 8% tax and 20% gratuity. I am adding a lot of stuff to that but that is the package price they advertise. I am in upstate NY...
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  • Depends where you live middle of nowhere it sounds expensive but cheap in NYC ask on your local
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