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When to do first dance?

Are you doing your first dance after you are announced or after dinner? I have been seeing both and am undecided...
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Re: When to do first dance?

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    after being announced.. usually because everyone remains standing while you dance your first dance. its really up to you.
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    Ditto pp. After we are announced. It really depends on what you want ultimately.
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    We are doing it right after we enter, I'm changing clothes after dinner so I really wanted to dance in my "wedding" dress to our song, plus get the f/d dance and m/s dance out of the way as well.
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    our tenetive schedule is : 6-645 ceremony6:55 announce us as we reenter the room (ceremony and reception in same place)7:00 cut cake7:10 eat dinnermingle w guests as they finish eating dinner7:45 first dances and toasts  
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    our tenative plan is to dance after dinner - since the wedding party tends to get food first, we figure we'll be done with dinner by the time the last guests have gotten through the buffet line and are settled at their tables again.... i think people are more in 'reception mode' if they have food in front of them!juliagoolia - love the name and also love&lyres :-)
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