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Honeymoon Help!!!

My fiance and I are stumped on the who what how & where on the Honeymoon topic.

We just found out my godmom is givng us $1000 to help.. and we're (read 'I') are/am? too embarrassed to ask for help. We're here in California and would love to travel to the caribean or to europe. but everything is just to expensive:'( We've scratched out mexico and alaska as choices because... well.. we want to go somewhere tropical and somewhere far from everyone.

Who should we contact? a travel agency? How does this work? :(

help ?

Re: Honeymoon Help!!!

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    Why did you rule out Mexico?  I think that you can do Mexico for a great price and still have your tropical vacation.  Have you thought about a cruise?  DH and I really wanted to go to New Zealand for our honeymoon but because of me being in school and lack of money we decided to put it off for a couple of years.  If money is an issue now, do a little honeymoon and a couple of years down the road (after you've saved and had more time to plan) go for the Europe vacation.
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    Costa Rica? You can get pretty cheap flights there. Florida? The Caribbean?

    I'm also doing a "mini-moon" right after the wedding, then taking a real honeymoon about 6 months later.
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