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So frustrated with picking ceremony musicians

I think we've gotten quotes from all the musicians who do ceremonies between Cincinnati and Dayton and there seems to be some sort of issue with all of them. Our choices are limited because we want a piano included and a lot of reputable musicians are string only, I guess. We got a quote from Lyrica, way too expensive. String Celebrations was better priced but I found a couple bad reviews about them and just didn't feel confident booking them. Karen Addie never replied to my e-mail so I let it go thinking I could find someone more responsive to work with. Now we got a quote from Elegant Entertainment and it's kind of expensive and they only do a 20 minute prelude. Are there any other ceremony musicians I haven't tried who have a piano, violin, and cello combo? Anybody have a review of any of the ones I've already contacted? And am I wrong to think that a 20 minute prelude is kind of short? I thought preludes were 30 or even 45 minutes. It seems like I'd be paying a lot of money for basically half an hour of play time. I'd appreciate any advice anyone can give me. I'm so lost on this.

Re: So frustrated with picking ceremony musicians

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    We are using Midnight Rose Trio.  They don't have a piano, but they do have a flute/irish whistle, violin, and a harp.  They have been absolutely wonderful to work with and extremely nice and helpful.  GL!
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    A couple of months ago I was at Brio's with some friends. Long story short there was a guy there who was singing opera. I got his name and number b/c I thought he sounded GREAT & thought of using him for our wedding! I think he is getting his Masters in Dayton for Music or something. I don't know if he plays instruments (I'm sure he does), but I also know he probably knows people too. It might be worth trying him to see if he can help you out. GL Sam [email protected]
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    We used Elegant Entertainment. Yeah they were a bit expensive, but definitely worth it. I was heavily into playing classical music for a long time so I know what the music should sound like and how they should behave. I have to admit they were very professional and played to perfection. We got LOTS of compliments on them. I was very impressed that they showed up early to rehurse. I did initially think a 20 min prelude might be short, but it did work out. We had guests arrive hours early so an extra 10 minutes wouldn't have mattered anyway. Keep in mind this was my big splurge - so I was willing to pay the extra money (and they were definitely worth every cent). I can't think of any additional piano violin cello combo's off the top of my head that I would recommend. Definitely go with someone you are comfortable with that you feel will do a great job during your ceremony. HTH.
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    We are having a pianist Rob Allgeyer play for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner. I believe he is part of a trio, but I am not sure if we are using the whole trio or just him. I think he is pretty good, he seems to play at a lot of jazz bars around town as well (my fiance handled booking him). Email: [email protected] www.roballgeyer.com

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    Contact CCM. They have a bunch of information they can send you on their performance groups and if you ask for piano they can help. I have some names that I can send ifyou send me an email -- kelklump at gmail.
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    While I don't have a specific group in mind, you might want to see what CCM has to offer.  Keep in mind, CCM is for more than just undergraduates-- so you may still be able to find professional musicians that are just trying to advance their education.  Contact this guy-- he runs the career and placement services for student groups.  Tell him what you're looking for and he'll help set you up the best way he can. (sorry for the weird spacing... I C&Ped it from his signature line in an email) Kevin R. Burke Director, CCM Career Services College-Conservatory of Music University of Cincinnati P.O. Box 210003 Cincinnati, OH 45221-0003 (513) 556-9481 [email protected]
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    Also check out Miami University Oxford musicians. They have a great program. I have a friend who goes there, is a music major, and gets asked to do weddings all the time. I don't have his contact info at the moment, but if you want it, I'll get it! HTH!
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    Have you contacted  Brian Deyo (Newburg Trio), Fountainbleau, or ProArt? They don't advertise piano, but they could have more options available then they advertise..they all have contact info on the knot
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    Thank you all for your replies. I started another round of e-mails last night checking out the musicians you've suggested.
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