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Mother's gift?

What's a good Mother's gift?My mom & I are close, but she's not a mushy kind of mom. She's very practical and really not into weddings, showers, or anything that most women/mothers are in to. Don't get me wrong, she's very happy about my wedding & whatnot, but she's not typically one to get wrapped up in all the typical wedding stuff. What is a good gift for her? I want to get her something meaningfull, but am at a loss for ideas. help!

Re: Mother's gift?

  • I always think of jewelry when I think of gifts for moms...Maybe a nice necklace.
  • I'm getting our parents digital picture frames.
  • So she wouldn't appreciate spa services or anything, right?I gave the moms their gifts at my shower along with the BMs.  I gave them all nice straw bags to be used as their purses/beach bags for the trip with VS cover ups and various other accessories.  I plan to also get them a frame or small album with wedding pictures after the fact.
  • that's a good idea Natalee!! My mom really loves to get pedicures from this place right in town! I am having a small bridesmaid luncheon for my girls & my mom. FI's mother is not invited-I'm not even telling her about it b/c she just ruins everything. I plan to give everyone their gifts during the luncheon and I was thinking I should really get my mom something just for being there and giving her support. I'm doing it about a month before we leave.
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