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so just with his family-immediate, and our friends we're already at 92 with kids...without its 70 (select kids included) i wanted to keep it around 125 but that only leave like 30 for my side....

Re: GuestList

  • We actually are having the same issue. Just with my side plus kids it's up to 112, with our friends its up to around 140 and we want to stay around 180. Without kids it gives us about 30 extra seats. We're actually thinking about adult-only reception.
  • he's soooo anti planning, he was like just do whatever...im not going to be the one that cuts his 3rd cousins kids out when we see them almost every weekend! plus with my side if we were to cut out kids from like immediate family no in WP its only 4...where as his is at least 20...ugh! i just have to wait for my mom to give me our sides list and decide and since shes paying...
  • I do have to say......You can't have "select kids" at the wedding.  I know people say it is your wedding, you can do whatever you want but think of it from this way.  What happened if you had kids and went to the trouble to find a sitter for them.  Only to come and find other families meant "more" to you guys because their kids were invited...and trust me they talk and will find out.  It is going to pizz them off.  You can do "with kids," or "no kids."  IF you have a flower girl/ring boy, you could say "no kids" other then those 2.  That is very normal.Also, keep in mind, rule of thumb....20% generally decline.  Could you go over the 125 a little??
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  • Just my side alone is 218. That's not including any of FI's extended family. It does include a few mutual friends that he would have on his list, but maybe add at least another 150 on top of that by the time it's all said and done with. Sigh...
  • the "select" would be immediate family ie siblings, wedding party, and god daughters-like immediate family for him
  • i think i would just note it as said on the other board "we have reserved x amount of seats"
  • I was having the same issue with him helping to plan (he was preoccupied with watching tv,video games, etc) so I finally said OK...here is the guest list, who should be on it. We finally got it done, that's when we noticed that we will have millions of kids under 10 running around if we didn't decide on something. Does the no select kids rule apply to nieces/nephews of the bride & groom? The parents of those nieces and nephews are in our BP. Would it be rude to not include our cousin's and 2nd cousin's children?
  • We are 160 with no kids. My FI has 13 aunts and uncles, and I have 4. We are limiting the guest list to only aunts, uncles and cousins. FI's cousin's kids are not invited. We would be up to 185-200 if we invited everyone's kids. Its' really important to be consistent w/ the no kids rule otherwise there will be hurt feelings. We are limiting ourselves to only first degree cousins, so no cousins' kids and no friends' kids. I wish we could afford to accomodate everyone, but we just can't. Good luck w/ deciding who to invite, but definitely make sure all the people that are important in your life are there. Don't limit your side to only 30, if that means you will be cutting out your close family and friends.
  • do what you want. anyone that gets upset that someones kids were invited and theirs werent has too much time on their hands. i think most ppl will want to leave the kids at home for a nice night out anyway, so they may weed out some kids. good luck!
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