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  • sorry dont know why I am trying to be so specific, but aunts paid for photog and the inlaws paid for HM (4500.00)
  • $30K from my parents, anything over that is our responsibility.  My fiance's father and step mom threw in $3,500.00 and his mom and step dad threw in $1,000.00 that will come off the top.  We are 23 days out and it looks like we will be at $28K total.
  • my budget is 7-8k in miami, it can be done
  • I didn't set a "budget" but set a plan. My wedding from engagement ring to HM came in at $6650 for 150 ppl in Western NY. My mom is paying for the reception (dinner) DJ, Photog, Dress, and Officiant, FIL paying for RD, and contributing $2000 towards the reception (however we choose to use it, but i am puting it towards the dinner to help my mom) We paid for all decor all DIY's invites, postage, flowers, hair, make up transportation. Not too shabby since my Best friend is getting married next week has 220 on her confirmed list and has spent $24k. Not that my party will be less fun and lets be real folks..... ITS A PARTY... I want to vomit over some of the people with $30+ for a day.
  • I'm getting married in a small city in southeast Iowa. Started with a $10k budget before I knew the cost of some of the bigger ticket items like photo & video. Set it at $16k and am currently sitting at about $18,500 in expected costs. This is the entire wedding & reception, including all the expected details. We are budgeting for 200 guests, but it could be as low as 150 because so many are out of town. That would result in about a $1500 decrease in budget. It does not include the rings or the honeymoon that we are paying for. FI's parents have passed away so my parents are taking care of the rehearsal dinner, the brunch the day after and the invitations, We are planning on paying for everything ourselves. If my parents kick in anything else it will be greatly appreciated, but not expected. I splurged in some areas because I'm older and have never been married. If I were in a different place financially, we would totally be sticking to the original $10k budget. It can be done as you can see from many of the other posts. Don't get discouraged...just be a savvy shopper! It will be beautiful!!
  • 40K for about 180 people. 
  • "I want to vomit over some of the people with $30+ for a day."Classy.  and I also think most people send $30+ for a day. So if you are trying to insult people, at least do it properly. 
  • My budget it 10,000.  I am actually going to end up at a little over $8,000.  This is for a 125 guest wedding with an open bar.  We have been BARGAIN shopping a lot and I have not paid full price for anything.  I'm also saving a TON by doing most everything myself. 
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  • We wanted it to be around $5,000 but when it came down to it we came in at about $15,000.  My parents paid for 1/3 of it and we paid for the rest.
  • Destination wedding in Charleston, SC- budget is $10k, but we're expecting to come in closer to 12 (funny how many people with a 10k budget say they are expecting to come in at 12).  40-50 guests. The biggest chunk is the venue, which was just something I always had my heart set on so we splurged. Dinner is buffet and stations. Also includes open bar, DJ, flowers, B&G attire, hair and makeup, photog, coordinator, cake, transportation.  We are not having a videographer, flowers are pretty minimal. We are paying for this ourselves. Budget does not include wedding bands or HM. Paying for hotel and airfare with points. Friend is officiating, refuses to take money from us so we paid for her hotel in points as well. His parents are covering the RD.Oh and Warcraft girls- where are you getting those toon banners?? I want to fly my geek flag, too!
  • I want to vomit over some of the people with $30+ for a day.Do it keiweifeofiuerou. You have a lot of vomiting to do.
  • I think after its all said and done we will have spent 40K My parents are paying for pretty much 95% of it, his parents are paying for the rehearsal dinner. We shipped in here and there and got some small stuff, probably ended up spending 2000, not including the HM. That's what we get for getting married in DC.
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  • My mom gave us 15,000 and his parents gave us 3,000 so technically it was 18,000. Once the HM was included into everything, I'd say we actually ended up paying around 20,000 for everything. We had a lot of no's though, otherwise we would have been way over budget.
  • Ours was originally 20k and now its more like 30-35k and we have used the cheapest vendors possible.  Although we went way out of budget on the venue.  Including honeymoons and wedding rings its probably in teh 40's.  We're paying for it...ugh
  • We are right around 8k. We payed for a lot of the wedding. My ILS are paying for RD, Food, Favors & either photographer or the chairs. We paid for everything else including all the deposits for every place.
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  • Our total amount is looking to come in at around $20K. We live in a suburb of Detroit where the avg cost of a dinner/dancing reception is about $45K, so I think we did pretty well. We didn't have a budget really to start - we just threw out a number and looked for the best deal on everything we could. FI and I were planning on paying for the whole thing until my dad gifted us some money - last night actually. We didn't expect any contributions, so we were pretty blown away. (We're also older - I'm 28, FI is 32.) There are a TON of deals online and the bad economy has made it heaven to negotiate with local vendors.
  • Opps - forgot to add - we're hosting the reception for a guest list of between 170 and 215.
  • Our budget including the honeymoon in $11,000 for 200 guests.  My mom bought my dress and my dad is paying for the reception, the rest of it we are taking care of. (Our contribution will be about 5-6K.  If we have a significant number of guest unable to attend, we will use the extra money to play on the honeymoon, since we are currently not having to do anything on credit. I don't really feel like I am cutting back on anything, or leaving anything out.  I am being very careful about negotiating, and not letting vendors talk me into be being extravagant.  My big budget item that I was NOT willing to compromise on was the photographer...everything else I was willing to shop around and do DIY to save money.
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  • Budgeted 20k, hoped to come in at about 17k, will probably end up at like 25k
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  • Our total cost on the wedding is approximately 9800$. However, we're doing it on a sunday and not in the evening (not because it was cheaper but because the day was meaningful). We are paying for all of it. The venue with lunch bar cake was approx 6800 the rest covers my photog, centerpieces, flowers, gifts, etc. I think we got a steal considering the typical total cost of a wedding in my area for 100 is $32-34k. FI parents are paying for the honeymoon and first class tiks to playa del carmen :)
  • Our budget is $10,000 for a California wedding, which means we have had to budget really well. Everything is way expensive here! My parents are contributing $6,000, IL's are paying about$1,500 + RD. FH and I are paying $2,500 + HM and rings. We are not having alcohol at our wedding to cut the costs significantly. Our friend is a professional photographer and he is doing our pictures for free. My Mom, fmil and I are doing all the flowers and the favors. We are having about 130 guests.
  • 2800- excluding my dress and the hm I purchased my dress for a previous engagement that didnt work out and FI wanted me to keep that dress because he knew how much I loved it and our HM is a gift from IL's
  • Our total budget is hopefully under $15,000 (not including HM - we pay for that).  My FI and I are paying for stuff here and there as we can to save my parents money.  FI parents are paying for a cocktail hour and RD and alter flowers.We have saved TONS of money with DIY.  The invites that we got I used 50% off coupons for and got my BM together for assembly and wine (and they are my fav part of the wedding so far).  We went to Michaels, but most craft stores have invites and coupons.  Also, use your friends if they have talents!!
  • My FI and I are paying for it all ourselves. Except for the dress, and veil my dad bought.  Our wedding will hopefully be under or around $13,500. We're not taking a HM till later so that helps with the budget. We have around 145 guests invited and most likely 80% of them with show.
  • My dad is giving us $10K, my mom gave us $2K for the honeymoon, in-laws are paying for the rehearsal dinner and they'll pay the excess, if we go over the $10K budget (since most of the guest are their friends).  My FI and I bought our own wedding bands.  So I guess total our budget is about $13K.
  • $2,000. His uncle is doing pictures.His other uncle is making our food. Grandma and grandpa put in $300 for meat for the reception
  • The in-laws gave $2500 towards food and are doing a few drinks at the reception My parents gave us $3,000 The rest came from me! Total cost will come in around $12,000. FI is paying for the HM (I made the deposit) which was only $2300 total (sandals ocho rios..whoo!) We sent invites to almost 400 with just under 300 attending. A lot more than what I wanted, but the FMIL HAD to have her entire extended family invited. Our reception site is one of the MOST expensive places in town, but it's a small town and the only place that would hold the number of guests we are having.
  • $35k-40k. my parentals paying around $28k - we're paying the rest
  • Our budget was $7500 & that included the honeymoon. My mom icked in $1800.00 and his parents gave us $2300.00. Otherwise we paid for everything else. Take a long time to plan so you can pay for things a little at a time. We planned our date 2 years from the proposal and we just barely paid everything off.We also recruited friends to do some things. My makeup was done as a gift by the makeup artist that we work with for our charity haunted houses, our bag piper, DJ, photographer & main videographer were all freinds from when we worked Knott's Halloween Haunt, Hie cousin's fiance sang at our ceremony and the same cousin & an uncle played guitar, his Dad perfromed part of our ceremony, and a couple other family friends filled in with other video & photo cameras. We did have to pay the DJ but it was about 1/5th the normal price.Look for a place oyu can have both ceremony & reception at. We had ours at Knott's Berry Farm as they ahve a great little church & you get a discount on the reception if you book it there and there is no cake cutting fee as they provide the cake. We didn't even need to do tastings... we were already very familiar with the food & cake!
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