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May 2010 Weddings

To cocktail hour or not?

I've been thinking against it but want some input. Our wedding ceremony and reception are at the same venue and will be in the same room (dividers to separate ceremony from reception). In my mind we will have the ceremony; FI and I will have a few moments to ourselves; and by then everyone will have gotten a drink, smoozed, and found their seats; then we can then have dinner. Am I right in thinking we don't need a cocktail hour/hors devours?

Re: To cocktail hour or not?

  • It sounds like you are having a cocktail hour, it's just not an hour long.  Essentially cocktail hour is time for you and your FI to have  moments to yourself (private reflection time, pictures, etc.) while your guests are occupied getting drinks and smoozing.  Even though the time is called "cocktail hour", it does not have to be 60 minutes long.  Sometimes it 45 mins or 30 mins.  It's really just a transition period.
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  • We are also getting married in the same place as the reception with a divider between the two spaces.  Our guests will leave the ceremony space and go to the bar just around the corner during the hour between the end of the ceremony and the opening of the doors for the reception.  We will do a few pics and have some alone time.  Then we will hang out with WP in our suite for a couple of drinks and head down to the reception.  We are not providing appetizers.  Call that a cocktail hour or not, whatever tickles your fancy.
  • When are you taking pictures? If you are taking pictures between the ceremony and reception, you need to do a cocktail "hour". It doesn't  have to be a full hour, just the time needed for pictures.
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  • You don't necessarily need appetizers at a cocktail hour. It's nice, if it will be an hour or so long, to put something in their stomaches as your guests start drinking, but if you don't think you need an entire hour, and don't want to provide appetizers, what you have planned sounds perfectly fine (whether you call it a happy hour or not)
  • We don't have a cocktail hour planned as it stands. Photos are before so besides "yichud" (after a jewish wedding the bride and groom have their 15 min to reflect) we'll be there with everyone else. I'm thinking it won't be neccessary since there really won't be a gap of time between anything.
  • We're having one, because we're doing the receiving line at the reception venue (separate fr the ceremony church, but only by about 10 minutes). 

    We'll be providing beer/wine and light hors d'oeuvres for our guests.  It'll last about an hour before dinner.  We didn't want to do the receiving line at the church, but didn't want our guests to twiddle their thumbs either.
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