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November 2009 Weddings

It all just hit me

The stress came all at once.. stress over catering, money, dresses, to-do lists....anyone else???

Re: It all just hit me

  • Hit me like that 2 days ago...I started freaking and then I went back over my "where I should be at this moment" and I'm behind on one or two things, but way ahead on others so it made me feel better. I know I'd be a lot more ahead if my wedding wasn't 2000 miles away from where I live though.
  • Yes!  It's 3 months tomorrow for me.  I am most worried because I started buying favors this week and just realized I now have to tie bows and hang favor tags on 150 champagne bottles.  I am also doing my own programs (and we haven't finalized the ceremony yet) and I am NOT crafty so the DIY projects go slow for me.  3 months doesn't seem like enough time to do just this, let alone everything else!!
  • The stress hit me this last weekend when our pastor flaked out on us! 
  • I just had an OMG moment.  One of our Admins was wondering around the building to collect the names of employees who need name plates and she was going to order mine. I’m like that’s great but in 3 months or so it won’t be right anymore. As the words came out of my mouth I almost fell out of my chair I can’t believe how close we are.
    image Ready or not here we go !
  • Nope, hasn't really hit me yet... still waiting. Give me a few more weeks and I'm sure I'll be right there with you guys!

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  • Yes! I'm very much aware that it's only 100 days from now--thanks to The Knot! I feel like I can't do anything else but go over the check-list in my mind. I'm excited and freaked out about the to-do list all at the same time!
  • Yep. It doesnt help that now we have to pay for a babysitter for all the kids in the family so the family doesnt disown us because we said we didnt want kids at our wedding, and they bought plane tickets for the kids anyway and cant afford to hire a babysitter.>:-/
  •  YES!! We have had so much stress the past couple weeks on the following:- Guest List - FMIL over-involvment- Money- Dress (I went to pick it up last week and she was not done with it, so I couldn't bring it back home with me. Now my mom will have to FedEx over)Though it seems like things have calmed down some-what. Just a little.
  • Stephie, thank you for reminding me that I need to do my programs!  Think I have to meet w/ the JP first though...I feel like things are under control but I probably have to make up an official to-do list (like I've been meaning to do for weeks) to make sure...so we'll see!
  • It's been coming in waves. Stared out with just a little stress every now and then, however now its gotten to the point of a constant low stress with the random spike through the roof. More or less when things go a diffrent way than I want them to, such as my mother side of the family. I have 2 aunts who wont be able to make the wedding simply because they live out side the USA. One would be arrested on sight the other doesnt have the money. So when I found out that my only uncle on her side wasnt going to come down because my cousin's birth day will be 3 days before I had a meltdown.Or like when the Credit card we where planning on putting must of our large expeinses on decided to cut our limit by over 4k. Other than that... 99 days till the wedding and i'm a mess. At least my FI tells me its all going to work.
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  • YES!  It hit me when I signed onto the knot and realized we have less than 100 days to go!  I'm trying to stay calm but I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a major meltdown sometime in the next month or so haha   Amie
  • I felt this way too, then after we booked our honeymoon I looked at my FI and said...baby, can't we just get married on the beach and leave all this nonsense behind?  He said yes...his parents are jerks anyway...so boom...that is what we are doing.  I had my dress already...and we are getting married at Sandals in Antigua.  His family just stopped asking when ...and we didn't send out invites...so money problems, family issues...boom, vanished.  I am now a happy woman!
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