Coupon codes-personalized M&M's

I saw in the post below there were some doing the personalized M&M's.  There were coupons in today's paper so it's here if you want to use it:Coupon 1: Free bonus bag.  Go to mymms.com/bag24 and enter promo code bag24(minimum purchase required, cannot be applied to Disney or My Team candies. Expires 8/10/09)Coupon 2: 10% off My M&M's order. Go to mymms.com/percent24 and enter promo code percent24 (Minimum purchase required. Expires 8/10/09)Coupon 3:$15.00 off 5 lb and 10 lb bulk orders.Go to mymms.com/dollar24 and enter promo code dollar 24 (minimum purchase required. Expires 8/10/09)

Re: Coupon codes-personalized M&M's

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