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Holy Eff, it's Friday.

After today, Derek's only got one more paycheque until the wedding (I count days, he counts paycheques) *sigh* I remember when it was 6 paycheques....This weekend I'm going to try and get a bunch of little things done, seeing as it's our last free weekend until the wedding.Today is my RSVP deadline, and so far we're only waiting on 26 people (or 15 reply cards) which I think is pretty good.Also this weekend is Jazz Fest downtown where I live, so I'll get to listen to Jazz every night.  Hopefully it's better than last time...What's everyone else got on the go?
We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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Re: Holy Eff, it's Friday.

  • I've got to take my future step-daughter shopping for an outfit to wear to the wedding. I have minor wedding stuff to do, but the most pressing of what's left is figuring out the seating (UGH!).  Now that I met with my DOC yesterday to go over the wedding and reception stuff, I can kick back and finally RELAX :=D
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  • I have hopefully my last fitting tomorrow - last as in this should be the last time I go for her to work on the dress, next time being pick up... and the future hubs has his bachelor party tomorrow, which I'm actually jealous I can't go - Lucky Strike bowling, Chickie & Petes for "Dinner" (aka more beer) and then the UFC fight in Philly... (ok not as jealous about that last part, but I still think it'd be a sight to be seen)....My B-Party is on Sunday??  I know nothing.  The girls have been extrememly tight lipped...

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  • I took today off. I need to clean the house, find 60 pictures of FI and I from childhood to now, download 3 songs (these are for the videographer), and alterations tonight for my future step-daughter and niece with dinner with friends right after. That should keep me busy today. Tomorrow I move on down The List.
  • Last night i bought 2 bathingsuits, my wedding jewlery, lipstick and a bag. ok, the carry bag wasn't in the plan but i had to have it. I also seperated the clothing i am packing.I need to have my great-grandmother's pendant cleaned and figure out a way to wear it on my wedding day.  My grandmother and mom wore it on their wedding day.  Hair trail on Saturday.I need to pack!
  • Just finalizing projects for next weekend! We picked up all of the international beer for favors last night and started tying ribbon with thank you tags around each. Tomorrow is my last day of worrying about anything - my brother gave me the great advice to worry about whatever I want up until a week out, and from then on just go with it. On a NWR note, we're going to a concert tonight and a friend's 30th bay bash at an absinthe bar tomorrow. Should be fun!

    Now jumping domestically.


    Well that was a crazy couple of years.


  • Tonight is my B-party! I am so excited I can't wait.  We are pre-gaming at my friends house and then the limo will come pick us up and take us to Cavanaugh's for the rest of the night! Should be a lot of fun : ) Tomorrow (after hopefully sleeping in) I am going to finish putting the pictures together for our table numbers and print our programs. I also have to make the bridesmaid tanks and my hoodie, and the thank you parasol! It should be a DIY project filled weekend. Oh and we are still waiting on 6 rsvp's (our date was 8/1).
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  • -Tonight one of my girlfriends are coming over and we're going to stuff favor boxes.-Tomorrow I am going to print my programs and assemble them. -Sunday Chico's sister is flying in and never leaving :) She is moving back to Cali! i am soo excited.  
  • Tonight I'm going out with some friends, possibly one of the last as a single lady! Tomorrow I will spend the day with my parents who are babysitting my baby cousin (our FG) and we'll go to the beach. Tomorrow night it's FI's Aunt & Uncle's 25th anniversary surprise party. And Sunday, we'll beach it again (weather permitting). I'm so excited to see our FG, she's the cutest little girl in the world! Good Luck to all the brides getting married this weekend! Enjoy your big day!
  • I'm so glad it's Friday. Sure, time's slipping, but I'm so ready to get out of D.C. and head to Michigan.  We're not doing that until Wednesday, but at least we have the weekend to relax a bit.  Just basically finalizing everything this weekend, doing a little grocery shopping, and making sure we have everything we need before we head out.  :)
  • Wow this week has gone by fast. I'm spending the weekend doing wedding crap (clearly, I'm looking forward to it) with a mix of hanging out with friends. I'll also be stalking and accuweather.
  • I have a hair trial and final meeting with our baker tomorrow. I'm going to visit my step-dad in the hospital at some point this weekend. Otherwise I'm planning on working on programs and the slideshow.Hope everyone has a great weekend, and congrats to all of this weekends brides!
  • I am having the worst time concentrating at work. Yes I have to work the day before my wedding. My boss is out on vacation this week so I have to step in. Co-workers gave me a nice card, signed with cute notes ("What's your hurry? I waited 25 years to marry my guy" - VP, they know we've been together for 9 years) and a cash gift. :)FI's doing the last minute running around and cleaning and coordinating today. HE has the day off. :PAfter work I'll withdraw some cash for the honeymoon and tonight is home spa night for me. Nearly packed for the HM. Just last minute toiletries for me. Wedding on Saturday. Wunderground, and Accuweather all agree that noon-2pm is sunny with a few clouds. It better stay that way! We're thinking we're going to stop at Stew Leonards on the way home from the lunch reception to pick up live lobster (on sale!) and fresh corn for our first married dinner. Sunday we're off to Hawaii. The hurricane has already been downgraded to Cat 3 from Cat 4 yesterday and is steadily weakening. :D
  • Today I have a half day and am going to do a final walkthrough at the reception place with the caterer.  Lots of small tasks to do, and taking pets home to stay with their grandparents :)  Also, wanna do a good final cleaning of the condo.  Probably do some moving of his stuff.  Hmmm, not sure what else, maybe pack?
  • Ah yes, the jazz festival in good ol downtown oakville.  I When I was in HS it was bad, hopefully it has improved through the years,  but it sounds as though it hasn't.Everyone has given me more ideas on what I should accomplish this weekend.  I have the memory candles and flip flop basket left to arrange.  I'm also going to pack and organize everything that I need to drop off at the recepetion venue and sort out all the cash tips into envelopes.  The Giants mini camp has started so FI wants to go watch them tonight which is usually pretty fun.
  • I'm getting MARRIED! :D
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  • I have a busy weekend, but not much of it is wedding related. Tonight we're going to a Dodger game. Tomorrow morning, we're moving our furniture into our apartment. Then we're going to my cousin's kids b-day party in the afternoon.Sunday, more packing in the morning. Then off to my friends birthday bbq and after that, I'm going to my brother's girlfriends baby shower.Whew, I'm tired just thinking about it.Have a great weekend ladies, and congrats to this weekends brides!

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  • Hitting the beach tomorrow for much needed relaxation! We also have to hit the boardwalk to grab the taffy for the favors. Then Sunday we meet w/ our venue for the final meeting! To all this weekend brides BEST WISHES!
  • I'm SO glad it's the weekend. I only have 2 days of work next week, thankfully. This weekend I have to: ~ wrap presents ~ work on 'must take pics list' ~ finds some songs for slide show ~ e-mail info to photog ~ pick up menu cards ~ pick up honeymoon tickets!!!!! Plus a bunch of other NWR tasks
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