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Justice of the Peace Ceremony to Traditional Ceremony Advice

I'm just looking for a little advice regarding wedding traditions, or at least what I would consider wedding traditions.  My husband and I were married by a Justice of the Peace last week.  We were engaged for a few months and were going to wait until next year to have a traditional marriage ceremony.  However, we had both decided that if I had lost my health insurance, we would do a simple justice of the peace marriage so I could benefit from his (I have type 1 diabetes).  Both sets of parents approved of this, but were not happy that we were not able to invite guests. When we had explained to family and friends what might end up happening - justice of the peace versus traditional - we had stated that we will most likely still have a traditional ceremony so family and friends could be there for such an important time in our lives.  Now that we are married, we're at a slight dilemma.  We're not sure whether going ahead with our original plans of a traditional marriage (we talked about having it as, essentially, vow renewals) would be received well or if we should just have a large reception instead.  We're currently at slight odds - I would prefer to go ahead with having a small wedding as planned, but my husband would prefer to just bypass everything and have a reception.Currently, I'm just trying to decide whether to go with a reception or an actual ceremony.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

Re: Justice of the Peace Ceremony to Traditional Ceremony Advice

  • I think if the traditional ceremony means a lot to you, you should still have one. In my culture/tradition, even if you have a JOP wedding until you have a traditional ceremony and Church wedding, you're not considered completely married. While I can understand your husbands pov, perhaps explaining to him your reasons behind wanting a traditional ceremony might bring you guys to the same page on this. Best wishes with everything.
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