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Hello, other 8-22 gals!  (sorry if I missed anyone, I think it's only the 3 of us...)I've been stalking long-range weather predictions, and today our date is finally in the 15-day forecast.  I know they're really unreliable this far out, but I'm happy with today's forecast for the 22nd:  high of 82, mostly sunny.  Let's hope it stays that way! In other news, I'm down to details...  how are you guys coming? Are the next two weeks going to be smooth sailing?

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    I have been stalking the weather too and I'm way pumped about the prediction.  Let's hope it stays that way... less than two weeks.  Yahoo!!!!
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    Oh man!  I haven't even thought that out, but thanks for the (hopefully) great weather report!  I'd love to hear that it's sunny.  And as long as we keep in the 80's or below I'm ecstatic.  I'm in the smooth sailing, other than my mom calling me today asking if she has to come to the wedding rehearsal (my parents are messy divorced....thus why there is a ton of booze at my  I just laughed!  Really mom, no, you're not needed at the rehearsal...parents never! (jk obviously)I also bought a dress this week for the wedding rehearsal...time for those fun details!I cannot wait!!!  Are you guys just as excited?!
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