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Free Upgrade?

Has anyone gotten a "free upgrade" with either your flight or your hotel?? I have heard of it happening, but was just curious if it works or if it ever even happens! Just thinking ;)Thanks!

Re: Free Upgrade?

  • Hotel is much more likely than the flight. The old "we're honeymooning" thing just doesn't work for airlines since planes are flying fuller and upgrades are given to high-mile frequent fliers.Check with the hotel/resort where you're staying. They may have perks in place already.
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    Airlines not likely unless you have elite status, which means you would be getting the upgrade regardless if you were on  your honeymoon.Hotels - maybe.  It really depends on availabilty.  Sometimes at our hotel we can upgrade you, other times we are completely booked so there is no room to upgrade.   Or we might have a guest with many stays with us so they will get the upgrade first.   Also our hotel has a lot of honeymooners, so you really can't upgrade all of them.

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  • When we went on our honeymoon, we picked the best room we could afford. I wish we would have thought to ask for an upgrade when we arrived because while we were there, I know of at least 2 other couples who had been upgraded to our area. I am really glad though that we did pay for our own upgraded room because it assured we got something we wanted and I would never rely on something like getting a free upgrade. And our room was way better than the regular rooms. This was also shortly after the swine flu scare and the resort was only at 30% capacity. Main point, upgrades happen, but I wouldn't rely on it if there is something you want.
  • We stayed at Sandals and 99% of the people were on their honeymoon! BUT, our TA was able to get us a room that was better then the one we booked.
  • Our travel agent booked our trip and wrote that we were on our Honeymoon. We got an upgrade upon arrival. I've heard of other brides e-mailing their hotel a week before asking for a free upgrade. It can never hurt to ask :)
  • We upgraded with miles on United.  Only 1 leg of our upgrade went thru because the flights were all full and we were low on the status list. I did call and tell them we were on our honeymoon so not sure if that helped with the 1 part.... "free" Upgrades on flights to resort areas are very rare!    
  • Good luck on a free upgrade on any airline.  We used miles on United to upgrade the outgoing leg of the flight for our HM.  Telling them it is your HM will not help.  It is all done on availability and your status with the airline.  On the way back, we decided to upgrade the return leg at the last minute.  They no availability (all the seats left were going to 1K's).You could try at the resort.  At the Grand Hyatt in Kauai, when we mentioned we were on our HM, the desk clerk said, "yeah, like 90% of the other people here."  We did not get upgraded for the room there, but did at the Princeville Resort (Ocean View to Ocean Front).GL!  It can't hurt to try.....
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  • I haven't heard as much about upgrades on flights/hotel rooms, but certainly with discounts while on the HM.  Our hotel provided chocolate covered strawberries and champagne on our arrival and one of the excursions and a restaurant both gave us discounts (we were in Puerto Rico).  It never hurts to mention that you are on your HM.  :)I have heard that some places that often get honeymooners will ask to see a copy of your marriage license to be sure that you're not just on a regular vacation.  You may want to bring a copy just in case.
  • I think it's a nice thing but don't expect it or you may be disappointed. We got a free room upgrade from the basic to a swim out suite at the Valentin Imperial. That also was due to swine flu scare and there weren't very many people there. They also sent champagne to our room. We also got a free dessert at Taco Johns when we were driving to the city we flew out of. :)
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  • No airlines will upgrade you, I aked everytime and had no luck they just don't do that anymore.    We stayed on three different islands in Hawaii and everytime we got an upgrade at Dollar rental car.  They didn't even ask to see a copy of the license which I did bring just incase, we got a convertible, a Subaru and a Chrysler 300.  Great for what we paid.  Hotels don't usually do too much but they might offer you free champagne and at the Marriott they offered us a better room for only an extra 25$ per day, worth it!  Like others have said you don't want to go expecting an upgrade then get stuck in a room you don't want if you don't.  We always booked partial ocean view then got upgraded to full ocean view so even if we didn't get upgraded we still would have been happy.
  • The first part of our honeymoon was a cruise. We had a veranda room but were upgraded to consierge class. We had a free bottle of champaigne the first two nights, free canapes/snacks every evening at 5pm before dinner, fresh fruit everyday, fresh flowers everyday, and I received a free tote bag with leather handle. All we did was put "honeymoon" when we booked. What great surprises!
  • We had a flight out to Hawaii at 10am the day after our wedding. Naturally, it was full of honeymooners. I thought it probably couldn't hurt to see if there were any upgrades available, so I went to the desk and said "I'm sure you hear this every Sunday of your life, but any upgrades for Honeymooners?" The guy thought it was pretty funny and did upgrade us (on an 8 hour flight) to an exit row, which had a ton of extra room and we sat right by the flight attendant who was great and gave us free Mai Tais. We had purchased the best Deluxe Ocean View rooms, so there was no upgrade, but if you tell hotels it is your honeymoon, they will usually give you free champagne or a special treat in your room. Have fun!
  • We didn't but that is because we went to Sandals and 90% of the people on the plane and at the resort were on their honeymoon. But, you should try it. It may work...the worst a do is say "no".
  • We got upgraded a few months ago.  We were on our way back up to NY from FL and were having a friendly conversation with the the check-in counter person (I don't know the technical term), but she recognized us as being from NY (bc of our accents - although I don't have one IMO since I am from an hour North of the City) and since she was from NY, she upgraded our seats.  It was very nice of her.
  • I work for an airline and have upgraded people on their HM.  PP are right, though, in that elite flyers take priority.  However, Saturdays or Sundays are low travel days and, esp. if the flight is overbooked in coach, honeymooners are upgraded as a courtesy.  International flights are very unlikely for upgrades, regardless of the reason.    Always ask, and take cookies!  You never know....   Good luck
  • Its always a good idea to ask for an upgrade. If you use a travel agent, they are supposed to be "looking" for upgrades or discounts.
  • It's amazing what we have found just by asking! I don't think we are staying full price anywhere we are staying for our HM. We were also able to get in on special closed tours and VIP passes. We basically called up and said "Hi, we would like to make reservations for this room. Great! Oh and we're on our HM, is there anyway we can get a discount or partake in something special that you all offer?" It's been working so far! Haven't tried it with flights but it looks like no one else has had luck there!
  • We are leaving on hour honeymoon Sept. 2nd. We went through a Travel Agent, and I went to the actual website for the resort, Dreams Los Cabos, and if we booked an extra night, for 7 total, we got tons of honeymoon upgrades, champagne brunch in bed, a romantic dinner for 2 on the beach, and free couples massage. Plus a $200 credit to use while we'll there. Definitely worth the extra night! No luck on the airline though, not even w/ delta and we have tons of skymiles! Apparantely not enough! Anyone else been to Cabo for the honeymoon?
  • I hope we get a free upgrade too! We will find out in 2 weeks :)
  • just a note, our TA told us to bring any sort of "proof" that we were just married and on our honeymoon (copy of license and such that was signed for example). She said that will get us much further with upgrades, discounts, and freebies. 
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