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Hi all!

I live in Virginia but am from the Columbus area and was married in Columbus 5/28/11.

My husband's job may be relocating to Cleveland (back to Ohio - yay!) and I was hoping to get input on good areas to live. He will be working near the airport, so some of the areas we had looked into that would be really close to his job would be Fairview Park, Westlake, North Olmsted. What other areas would you all suggest we look at and are those listed good places to live? The relocation isn't for sure yet, but we are trying to get some ideas. I'm a nurse, and there seem to be hospitals everywhere, so we'd like to live near his job.

TIA! :)

Re: NWR: possible move to cleveland

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    Lakewood is a fantastic city that you should look into. It's a very walkable town, and everyone is so friendly. It's about 10 minutes to the airport.
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    Solon is supposed to be like number 1 in the area. Good school system too. I want to move there after getting married! Good luck!
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    Thanks I will definitely look into those suggestions! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this move will happen.
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    I live in Fairview Park and we are so close to the airport, it's really convenient! But we don't even get that much airplane noise compared to Olmsted Falls where it's really bad. I would say you can't go wrong with Fairview Park, North Olmsted, Lakewood, or even Westlake/Rocky River are pretty close. They are all nice areas in my opinion. Westlake/Rocky River are a bit more upscale and thus pricier in terms of cost of housing.
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    I loved living in Lakewood. Berea is also a great town. It's a college town, but it's close to the airport and there are lots of cute houses and shops.
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    Given your hubby's work, I would stay on the westside. I grew up in Lakewood and love it so much that I consider moving back one day. It's a 15 minute drive to the airport and near many hospitals and clinics. They just renovated all of the schools and the school system is excellent, which is a big factor if you're considering childern. My favorite aspects is the cultural diversity and older homes with character.  They also do curbside recycling, which the city of CLE does not provide.  

    Rocky River is right next door to Lakewood and a very nice area; house prices may be higher and I always thought the people were a little snobby (nothing personal, not trying to offend anyone). 

    Fariview Park, Westlake and North Olmstead are all very nice suburbs.Nice, newer homes and a lot of cul-de-sacs. Definitely a quieter area....that may or may not be a good thing, depending on who you ask. I would be bored as hell if I lived in those areas lol. 

    I hope it all works out for you guys! And if you move there, don't forget to Stop at Malley's Chocolate/Ice Cream Shop and Melt Bar and Grilled (both in Lakewood)!!
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    I'd recommend Strongsville, Middleburg Heights, Berea, Columbia Station and North Olmstead--all great cities.

    Solon is also nice but it's a bit of a hike from the airport--45 mins or so.

    Good luck on moving back to Ohio!  :)
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    I live in Lakewood and LOVE IT! Would recommend it for the community, fanstastic local restaurants, and location - close to downtown and the hospitals are an easy drive. We just bought a house in Westlake though - property taxes are way cheaper than Lakewood and bigger yard/more privacy.
  • Brook Park is very family friendly. It is 5 min from the airport and Southwest General. 
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