Got our marriage license!  Wahoo!!  Big old fat check-a-roo!Paid 8 bucks to park for 10 minutes...what a rip off!  It's getting so close...I am so excited...I met up with a few friends last night and we were saying that the next time we see each other (at my wedding) I will be married!! ahhhhhh!!!

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    Yay! That's a big one! Sucks about the parking...we had to go to Har. Co. and we loaded up the meter for like 2 hours and it took like 10 minutes too. Who knew a marriage license was so easy to get?!
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    yea it was really easy to get...kinda scary if you think about it!  hahaha!
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    That's what I said, I walked away from there thinking, "man, they'll give these things away to anyone!" :)
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    Awesome.  I need to figure out when to get this.  How does the 3-day thing work?
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    I think you can get it up to 6 months in advance and at least 2 days prior to your wedding date. 
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    I got mine monday and there is a 48 hour waiting period from when you get it until you can use it and it is good for six months.
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    yay for the big check!we got ours like three weeks ago (balt county) since it's good for 6 months. we've already handed it over to our priest. ditto about how easy the process was. the lady swore us in, we gave the info and tada, the license was printed :)
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