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Eucharistic Ministers

FI and I both want to have a full mass for our wedding. When we spoke to our priest, he said we would need to supply 2 Eucharistic Ministers to have the whole congregation recieve communion. Problem is that no one in either of our families nor anyone coming to our wedding are Eucharisitc Ministers. We really want everyone to be able to share in commmunion but i have no idea what to. With out them, only FI and I would get communion and im not a big fan of this.  Any ideas?

Re: Eucharistic Ministers

  • hugnkiss15hugnkiss15 member
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    hello, first time poster here but wanted to help you out.  i would ask the priest/secretary at the rectory for the number the parishioner that oversees the eucharistic ministers.  they could probably get you in contact with 2 people.
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    You could possibly have a couple of your friends or family members become EMs before the wedding.  The training isn't that difficult or long; if you have a couple of guests who are interested in it, you could have them ask their home parish for training.I also second the pp's suggestion to ask the church to supply two.  Since EMs are often lay people from the parish's congregation, you should probably give them a thank you gift or something if the church allows you to contact them.  Different parishes might have different policies on the use of their EMs, but it's worth a try!
  • dogluver315dogluver315 member
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    My priest required that I have 3 EMs. I am a trained EM at our church but we chose my cousin and his parents to be Ems for our wedding. They are not trained but our priest said he will go over with them what exactly they do at the rehearsal. Our priest said as long as they are practicing Catholic and eligible to receive communion he could train them.
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    Ask what is needed to be a eucharistic minister for one mass. im my parish teh requirement is a confirmed catholic in good standing and a 2 minute what to do speech. How about using your godparents?
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    You don't really need extra EMHC's (Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion....which is the correct term) unless EVERYONE attending your wedding is Catholic and you have over 300 guests. You could just as easily have the priest himself distribute communion (the wine doesn't need to be distributed). This is what happened at my sister's wedding and communion only took a few minutes. If he absolutely insists, ask him if he can provide you a list of EMHC's from the parish. But honestly, you don't need them.
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