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August 2010 Weddings

Selling Dress Opinion

Hi All,

So I'm a horrible person, and I bought a dress out of excitement last year (even at the time I had imagined altering it) but fast forward 6 months and I think even how I was going to alter it, I would never love it. The dress, as pretty as it is, just doesn't seem to show off my personality. Anyway my sister/MOH and other bridesmaids told me to just sell it and find a dress I truely love.

So I've posted it (and I think I've even found a dress I really love), but I'm not sure how low I should sell it for. It's an Alfred Angelo (1136) and I got it for a reasonable price ($750US), but I'd still like to recoup most of my costs...Do you guys think I'll be able to sell it for $650 or so? I mean it is new with tags and it is featured in most of the Alfred Angelo ads in magazines.


I know, I still feel really bad for changing my mind, I'm trying not to be a bridezilla, but I just want to feel pretty, comfortable, and like myself on my wedding day.


Re: Selling Dress Opinion

  • Don't feel bad, I think plenty of brides do this. There are sites online where you can sell the dress or post it here.

    As for price I would say try selling it for whatever you are comfortable with. It is brand new so that should definetly help.
  • Yes, don't be too hard on yourself!  Several brides end up being "two (or more) dress brides" ;)

    You should try posting the dress on preownedweddingdresses.com, oncewed.com, TheKnot forums and weddingbee.com. 

    You should set the price at a level you feel comfortable with.  And if there are no offers for awhile and you really want to get it sold, you can always drop the price a little later.


  • You could always try out eBay, too.  Set the price at what you're comfortable with and then maybe, if several people like it, you'll start a bidding war and get more than you originally thought!  I have a friend who is an eBay fiend and has these experiences quite often.
  • I bought a dress last year also, I found it on ebay for $200 brand new (with tags) and it was a $400 dress from Davids. I changed my mind and bought another one, then sold the original dress on ebay for $200. I put the auction for I think like 4 days, and had 6 peopel watching it. The auction ended but one of the watchers ended up emailing me to ask if they could still buy it. HTH
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