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Hi Everyone,I have been posting on the Boston boards for a while haven't introduced myself here.My co-bride and I moved to Boston a year ago and we are getting married 10/24/09.  We've been dating since the end of high school and figured after ten years it was time to make it official!Anyone else currently live in MA?  I know alot of you are traveling here to get married.

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    Welcome!  We don't live there, but I've definitely been on the Boston boards, since our wedding will be right near there.
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    hey there Mrs Bins-I will introduce myself to you here too :) My partner and I live in Boston, and are getting married 10/17/09. We have crossed paths on the Boston board...just thought I would say hi!
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    Hello! Congrats! Ten years that's awesome. I see in your bio you guys went to the Running of the Brides sale. Your dresses are great. My partner wants to get her dress there. I have my dress already but things may change. Was is chaos? She's bringing me and her sister because we can handle our business. Lol. We've just got to find a way that we both get the dress we want AND not see the other's dress.
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    I am a big fan of ROTB.  On the boston board there are two threads right now where people are giving tips.  The most important is that you *do not* need to go first thing in the morning.  The sale actually goes till 7 at night.  We went at 1pm and stayed four hours, there were still what looked like thousands of dresses there and you can just browse the racks, not scary at all.  Just bring lots of friends to help you carry those dresses!
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