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Finally figured out the ceremony, and I need opinions!!

After meeting again with the priest, we've finally settled on what we're doing.  FH is technically Catholic (baptized, confirmed, 13 years of Catholic school) but is definately not practicing.  I had told him that we can have the ceremony without communion.  He kept going "It won't be that much shorter, just do the whole Mass."  Finally, our priest (who is just awesome!!!!) suggested doing just the ceremony instead of the full Mass since FH would probably be uncomfortable during communion.  After talking about it, he finally agreed that the ceremony is what he'd rather do.  The important thing to me is that we're having a it in the Church and it will be recognized in the eyes of the Church.  Also at least half the people invited aren't Catholic.  Having the full Mass would simply point out the differences between families and us instead of the unity it's all about.Anyway (if you've made it this far, thank you!), now I'm scrambling to figure out where the music is going.  We were going to have On Eagles Wings at Communion, but that's no longer an option.  It's his only request for Mass and his favorite church song.  He really wanted to be able to sing it.  It wouldn't work as the response or the recessional.  We're not presenting flowers to Mary as there is nowhere to do that in the church.  We're going to be asking about doing the Unity Candle, and I think it would work well there.What do you guys think?
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Re: Finally figured out the ceremony, and I need opinions!!

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    At my sister's wedding (ceremony-only), they played a short piece of music as an "Interlude" right before the Prayer for the Faithful. It was a meditative time in the ceremony. Maybe you could do it then?
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    in a ceremony (at least at our church) we could change out certain parts for others, so we had a song instead of a responsorial psalm. it worked out nicely!
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    IMO which is by far an expert opinion, it is a beautiful song and my favorite but doesn't go as a responsoral hymn. BUTT what about doing it as a prelude right before the processional as guests are entering and seating?
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    Eagles Wings is about Death... not appropriate for a wedding and especially not for Unity Candle. If you really REALLY want it, maybe ask if it can be done as a communion meditation in honor of your decesased friends and relatives- but make a note of this in the program.
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