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Ambassador Campus vs Upper Las Virgenes

Hi Everyone,I can't decide between 2 places and I'm hoping to tap into all the expertise here and ask whether anyone has had/been to a wedding at the Ambassador Estate in the Fowler Gardens.  I can't find pictures of an actual wedding reception there.  I'm just wondering what the noise level is like there and the lighting situation.Also has anyone been to/had a wedding at Upper Las Virgenes Open Space Preserve?  It is gorgeous but my parents are really concerned about the drive down Crummer Canyon in the evening and whether it will be very cold in the evening.  I am hoping to get married in July/August of 2010.Thanks for any advice!

Re: Ambassador Campus vs Upper Las Virgenes

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    Hi, I am getting married at Fowler Garden in August 2010 and have been looking into more lighting by a professional company, but I've also thought of putting floating light flowers in the fountains, using votives, lighting the fire place in the beige gazebo with its own dome light (illuminates it well), and I took a walk there the other day and they do have string lights around some trees and the large bush wall on the west part of the garden has string lights, too. Also my centerpieces will have floralytes that add lights to each table. Good luck with all your wedding plans!
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    Hi, I just confirmed my date for July 24, 2010 at the Fowler Garden . I was thinking that lighting would be a main concern since we visited the garden at night and plugged in all the lights in the hedges and the lights in the trees and it was still not enough light (especially in the middle of the garden where the tables would be set-up for dinner). We were trying to think of some creative overhead lighting ideas (aside from paper lanterns as they would not go very well with our decor), but we seem to be very limited. We were definitely considering lighting votives around the centerpieces and using large hurricane lamps or lanterns with lit candles along the sides and floating candles in the pool, but we are not sure how easy it would be to get the fire permit for that kind of set-up. Has anyone already applied for the fire permit and is it difficult to get it approved? So far, the guidelines on the application seem very strict and we are starting to consider maybe using LED candles instead. I would love to hear any advice/suggestions from anyone that has been able to get a fire permit! Thanks!
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    There is a thread on project wedding (started by me when I couldn't decide) and has now been full of posts regarding Fowler Garden and decorating it.  It has been very helpful and inspirational!  Check it out.  The subject starts with "Venue Indecision...
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    awesome joankho, i will take a look at PW.
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