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August 2009 Weddings


My wedding is in five days...the 22nd and I broke my pinky toe last night. I guess I was not paying attention and I hit the corner of the couch....down I went onto the floor. I'm glad I'm having an outdoor wedding, guess I will be wearing flip flops...lol. Its so swollen and bruised, that I couldn't wear shoes to work today. I work @ the hospital so I'm in scrubs anyways but now I have socks and shoe covers on. Oh well, hopefully it will be better by Saturday, no one will see my feet anyways. :)

Re: ouch!!!

  • Awww. :( I broke one of my toes about a month ago, so I totally understand. Be sure to buddy tape it, and ice, ice, ice!
  • Been there, done that. I couldn't wear toed shoes for 2 weeks. Sorry to hear about this so close to your wedding! Maybe try taping to the next toe? It didn't work for me because my pinky is too little, but it might for you. Sending healing vibes your way!
  • Yeotch!  I'm always afraid this is going to happen when I stub my toes.At least you're in good spirits about it!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • Ouch is right! I broke my pinky toe so many times as a kid that the bone is no longer connected. I still have feeling and can move it, but I can also bend it all the way over to the side :-P TMI?!?
  • Oh no! I'm getting married on the 22nd and I dropped a cookie sheet on my big toe last week (right on the nail) and half of it is blue and black! Hopefully (for both of us) that is the only thing that goes wrong! :)
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  • I hope that it will heal quickly and will not impact your festivities in any meaningful way - good luck :)!
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