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Catholic Marriage certificate question

Hi ladies!  I read on TheKnot checklist that one should "Pick out or design a ketubah or other marriage contract required by your religion."  Does the church provide the license for you or do you have to make it with the priest or what?  TIA!

Re: Catholic Marriage certificate question

  • Tuneful_BrideTuneful_Bride member
    edited December 2011
    The only marriage "certificate" we had was the license that we had to get from the state. In most states, you and your fiance will have to go to some bureaucratic office, present identification, and apply for a marriage license. You then take the marriage license to the officiant to fill out and sign when he marries you. Once all your signatures are in place, the license is mailed back to the state office to be recorded, and you get a copy for yourself. BTW, be careful of deadlines. Check the laws of the state in which you are getting married. There may be necessary blood tests, waiting periods, or specific windows of time in which you must get married with your license once it is granted. If you would like to get a papal blessing, which comes on a special certificate, you must consult your parish for the proper procedures in applying for one.
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    In addition to our legal marriage certificate, our church had their own marriage certificate, sort of like your baptismal certificate.  I suppose we would need it if we wanted to baptize our children or something?  I just stuck it in a file drawer.Anyway, the church printed it on a piece of paper and mailed it to us after the ceremony.  The priest signed it, but no one else did.
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    Ours was sent to us by the parish a week or so after it was signed by the priest performing our marriage, the priest from the parish, and had the parish seal emboessed on it
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