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Seating of Parents/Grandparents

I know we have had this question asked several times, but... I am struggling with what to use for seating of Parents and Grandparents. I had picked out Canon in F, but we can't get it to load off of the O'Neal Brothers site, so I am giving up on it. What are you all planning to use, or have you used? TIA

Re: Seating of Parents/Grandparents

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    We are using Panis Angelicus.  Go to google, click on videos, search it.  Quite beautiful. 
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    We’re using a song called Parent’s Prayer… our soloist is going to sing it while they come in.
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    There were not any of our grandparents present for our wedding, but for our music we used to seat guests, we went with alot of piano songs from this website I received alot of compliments on it.  If you are interested in hearing some of it, send me an email [email protected] and I will send you a couple.  If I have purchased any you would be interested in using, you are mor than welcome to them.  These are not traditional wedding pieces (FYI)
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    Thank you ladies. All great suggestions. I actually emailed my vocalist and pianist about the Parents Prayer. I had never heard it before, but like it.
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