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Which day of the week to marry?

Hi all--New here and gathering lots of good info. Hoping to be able to afford the rental house with  the beach wedding and reception under the tent on the property, though houses that allow tents are few and far between.  My big question--what day of the week do couples typically marry?? Checking into the house on a Sat. seems to leave Monday as the best option. Thoughts? Advice?Any great houses to recommend? Only familiar with Duck and Corolla but wouldnt' be opposed to another spot (Manteo, etc.)  Thanks!!!!-Shannon (Fairfax, VA)

Re: Which day of the week to marry?

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    we rented a home from twiddy (beachy keen) in corolla from sunday to sunday.  we got married on a thursday.  it gave us a good amount of time to get settled and relax for a few days before the wedding.  we had our reception catered by steve from the good life gourmet.  everything turned out great.
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    For the same reasons posted above, I am planning on a Wednesday.  Getting into the house on the Saturday gives us time to settle.  Planning on Monday night = bachelor/bachelorette parties, Tuesday night = rehearsal dinner, Wednesday = ceremony and off to a private cottage for three days while the rest of the wedding party stay in the giant beach house we're renting.  Regroup on Saturday to close up the house and bid farewell to our friends and family as we all head back to our homes.
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    We're getting married June 7, 2010 in Duck at Journey's Reward. We picked our date first, but it worked out that June 7 was on a Monday -- Monday seems to be enough time for us to get settled, have a rehearsal dinner Sunday, and wedding Monday.

    We're having a small skeleton crew stay the whole week, so Monday was prefect for those who are there just for the wedding and for us who would like some downtime afterward. :)
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