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Marriage prep question-tough to answer!

Okay this may sound really high schoolish, but can someone help me out with an answer to a question on what I have to fill out before meeting with the priest? I am the only one who has to answer the question since my fiance isn't Catholic. I asked my Mom what she would put down and she didn't even really know. The question is "How do you see the Sacrament of Marriage affecting your relationship with the Church?" Um, I don't really see it affecting it one way or the other, but I know they want a better answer than that. My fiance isn't religious at all and I am not super religious either and go to church maybe once a month.

Re: Marriage prep question-tough to answer!

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    First of all, don't feel compelled to lie.  If you honestly see no change in your relationship with the Church, just put that down.  If your priest somehow has a problem with your answer, he will probably discuss it with you two; I sincerely doubt that he will refuse to marry you if you don't see the sacrament affecting your relationship with the Church.I would probably say something about how I will feel like the Catholic community has a stake in making my marriage work; that I would feel like our marriage is mirroring the joy that Jesus has with his Church; that since the Church helped us get ready for marriage, it will help us through any difficult times; that I am helping the Church grow with any children I might bring into the world.
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    When father asked us why we wanted to get married in the Church, I told him that I wanted the support of the church, the positive foundation for our marriage/children.  FI said that he wanted to get married in the church b/c it was important to me.  Fr appreciated our honesty, well FI's honesty, and discussed our answers with us.
  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    i'm sure the "correct" answer is that it will bring you closer to the Church, and hopefully give you strength to assist your spouse in someday converting to the faith, as well as give you the strength and guidance to raise a catholic family. but i agree with others, you should answer how you honestly feel. 
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    If that is the real answer it should be what you write. Some things to consider is why are you getting married in teh church? does the fadct that your marriage is valid in the eyes of teh church matter to you? why or why not?
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    i really think you need to just answer honestly and not try to get answers from a public message board forum.  lying to your priest is not really a great start to a marriage.
  • TruchanaTruchana member
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    Hmm, I think the question is phrased poorly.  It seems like it should be phrased, How do you see the church affecting the sacrament of marriage or say affecting your relationship with the catholic faith.   I guess you could say the truth, that you don't see a huge change because your fiance is not very religious at this point.
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