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December 2009 Weddings

Checks! :)

I bought the materials to make my invitations today! It's the design I posted last week that I found in the Exclusively Weddings catalog, only I spent a fraction of the price and I'm doing it myself. Luckily, it's an easy design. I also bought materials to make the RB pillow and I bought the basket for the FG. I'm so excited that it's getting so close! Where are all of you ladies at?

Re: Checks! :)

  • Oh, we've also finally set a date for the shower, so that's good too. I'm definitely looking forward to it!

  • Woo Hoo good checks. I made the bags of our OOT stuffAnd designed and printed water bottle labels.I started my program template.And will be working on invites todayOh, also my aunt has started the calligraphy for our envelopes. So basically, I have quite a few projects started. But I'd love to actually finish something.
  • Yesterday we booked the rehearsal dinner site.  I have started the menus, almost done with thoseFinished up the programs last weekWorking on the day of mini schedules for the wedding party, noting too fancy just about the size of a book mark, laminated (mostly for the men)My Birthday is next Sunday so I will probably take all next week off of planning, haha
  • I finished my programs last week and we had our food tasting so I sent the final menu to the person who is designing them for us. I finished the bathroom baskets and also finalized the centerpieces...I go back to work in  11 days :( so I'm pretty much done everything. I wanted to make sure I got all my DIY projects out of the way Once Sept comes I'll have dress fittings and then my shower..YAY!!
  • I have the centerpieces about half doneInvites are being worked onGuys vests and ties are orderedBridal pictures scheduled for NovemberHoneymoon bookedRings boughtInvites are on the top of the list to finish right now, I just need my brother to finish designing them so I can put them together.
  • My DIY invites are a mess!!!  The template looks great and prints fabulous on normal paper however as soon as I put the invite in its off center or the ink runs.  Its a nightmare! Besides that the BMs are finalizing the shower date.  I think its going to be October 25th.  I got in a fight with the bakery that is making our wedding cake yesterday and they will probably spit in my cake.  So far so good :)  Bring on the wedding!
  • Can you take your invites to be printed somewhere like Kinkos or Office Depot? Or do you know someone with a color laser printer? THat's what you'll need to use to get them looking cleaner and more professional. You can take things like that to a printing store, and it's fairly inexpensive.

  • I'm DIY'ing my invites and we already got a jump start two weeks ago, but this weekend is the invite party so I'm hoping that everyone helps and does a nice job.Next steps after invites are ceremony and music...
  • Unity Candle is finished. Music Binders are 90% complete.  I have to re-write an old German hymn that FI's Grandparents had at their wedding and it's harder than I thought it would be! Scheduled food tasting at the reception hall. Ordered invitations, wasting for a sample to approve. Finalized my hair accessories: My dress comes with a free tiara or comb.  I for sure want a comb, but the store didn't quite have what I was looking for, they were to subtle.  So my hair stylist said I'd wear that comb and a veil for the ceremony and she will make me a flashy comb to change into for the reception.  We designed it and she's making it after her kids go back to school.  I'm really excited! Began working on one of my BM presents - a presonalized calendar, I thought it would be cute since I'm getting married on NYE.  Ok, it's cheesy but oh well!  I've gathered all the photos I want to use, now I need to scan them all ... sigh, that will take forever!
  • Yesterday was a big day invites and BM dresses came in.  Picked up the invites last night (they look great) and checking out the BM dresses tonight.  I am working on the bathroom baskets, pew decorations and flowers.  Also need to assemble all the centerpieces and sew the wraps for the girls.  Once engagement pics are in need to create the guestbook.  And these are only the things at the top of my list.  My mind boggles at all there is to be done!On top of all this just found out FI is going to be sent out of the country for 6 weeks!  Perfect timing :(
  • Picked up my dress after the final fitting (here's to not gaining or losing ANY weight!), and labor day weekend is my first shower! I'm very excited. We're also getting our invites in next week and will be working on putting them together.
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