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December 2009 Weddings


So... In my circle, nobody has them, but who here is planning to have an after-party after their reception? I just notice to be very common on P&E, so I was wondering if anyone here is having one.

Re: After-Parties?

  • I never thought about it, but honestly my FI and I will probably be too tired (it will be a LONG day) so I doubt we will have an after party
  • We are.  It's pretty common around here.  The hotel that we blocked off is giving us an area and we are allowed to bring in our food and beer and wine. 
  • apparently I know longer like to use comma's and love the word "and".  Sorry!
  • *no* sheesh I quit!
  • We are too.  The hotel we have a room block has a pub and we are pre-ordering some food.  Our wedding is ending at 10pm, so we figured 10-12a for after party.
  • we are tossing around the idea.  I have never been to one but our reception is ending at around 6pm.  Thought it would be cool to go hang out with some friends at the bar or something.  Not sure what yet. 
  • Our reception goes until 12:30-1am (because it's on NYE it's lasting a little longer).  There is a bar in our hotel that people can move to from the reception and FILs are getting a suite and will have coolers w/drinks in their room.  So there is no official after-party, but I'm pretty positive the party will continue after the reception is over.
  • No one around here does them either.  Had never even heard of it til the Knot.  We will likely be tired and will be leaving the next day for our HM, so no afterparty here. 
  • That's pretty common around here. But I know I'm going to be so tired (hopefully not cranky). But I'm sure we'll meet up at a bar for awhile. Maybe at the hotel our guests are staying at.
  • Most people go to the bar at the OOT hotel after weddings in my area, although the bride and groom don't always go. Our reception ends pretty late since it's NYE (1 am), so we may end passing, we'll see how we feel that night.
  • Its pretty common here too, our reception is over at 9:30 and there are 3 bars/restaurants within a mile. We aren't really "hosting" it though, everyone pays for their own food/drinks, the most we'll do is alert the place we are coming and hopefully get some specials.
  • I think it's going to be a game time decision. There's a bar in the OOT hotel so if people are up for it we'll all congregate there.
  • Our wedding ends around 10. We have hired the old town trolleys to come & get us at the reception & bring us back to the hotel, which is right down the road from many bars/restaurants. We have not planned anything specific, but we are telling people to meet us downtown after the wedding!
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  • We probably will be, but not anything officially hosted by us. Most of our circle of friends are in college or just finished so its pretty common to stay up and have some drinks after the reception at the weddings we have been to.
  • We're planning on it. Nothing too extravagant--just the suite that the guys are using to get ready. Most likely it'll be BP and whoever is staying at the hotel. We'll have leftover sandwiches and chips, beer, etc. Real low-key. There's a pool table and stereo, so it'll be nice.
  • Our reception goes until 1:30 AM so I am hoping that people will be up for partying all night. Don't think we will need an after party location, for the last 30 min of the night(can't drink past 2 am) but there is a bar in the hotel as well.
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  • We are asking the entire wedding party to book a hotel room at the place we are staying.  The hotel manager is giving everyone drink voulchers.  Our wedding ends at 11 but we are still going to attempt the after party.
  • My reception ends at 11. We purposely booked a hotel with a lounge/bar that has a dj so people have the option to continue the party. Most of the people who go to weddings here stay at a hotel and just party the whole time. As of now, I am planning on joining them.
  • Our wedding is not until 7, then the reception will run immediately after tuntil 11:30- Midnight.  We are having the ceremony and reception at a casino w/attached hotel.  Guests can go to the nightclub in the casino if they still have energy for that.
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