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For those of you who will have, or did have, kids at your reception... did you do anything fun or extra for them? I don't think our ceremony will last long, so I am not worried about occupying them there, but I was thinking at the reception, during toast and things before music starts. I was thinking of buying crayons at the dollar store and tying them up in sets of 3 (not concerned with colors). And printing a wedding related activity book. Has anyone done this and would you be willing to share the template? Do you have suggestions? Again, this is one of my last minute ideas with 3 months to go, so need to work it into the budget. Google is my next stop.

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    We are doing a coloring book and crayons for our kids, I have a coloring book template I can share with you, it has a fall theme and you will have to adjust the wording to fit your wedding, but it was an easy fix. I just got my crayons tonight actually from Walmart, 24 packs for $.20 each. Email me if you'd like the template mburnett_larkins at yahoo dot com
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    I saw a cute idea in a magazine to give them a scavenger hunt card with wedding things on it (i.e. "a couple in love" or "a swirly, twirly dress") and then give them a disposable camera to take pictures of the things they find.  Any of the kids who bring back their card completed with the camera get a small prize (a cupcake or stickers or whatever...)You could do the scavenger hunt cards in your colors so they'd be so cute!  We're only having the bridal party kids - flower girls and ring bearers - but I still plan on using this idea to keep them busy!  Maybe would be a little chaotic if you have a ton of kiddos, though???
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