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aisle decorations

I need some creative thinkers here.I am getting married in a gorgeous church, which won't require too much decoration, but i still want something special for the ceremony, something to make the aisle stand out.  Problem 1. FI does not like aisle runners, he feels that people trip on themProblem 2: Church has strict rules, such as no petals on the floor, and i assume no candles on the ground.I want something to outline the aisle, but cant think of something creative that me, FI, and church will all agree on.Any ideas??   Much thanks.Suzanne

Re: aisle decorations

  • Hello Mrs How - I'm an event planner in of the most gorgeous things I've done on the aisle for my brides is to use bunched sheer fabrics down the side of the walking space. What this option does is it decorates the periphral rather than the central area...which makes the central area stand out too! Find some large glassware, trees, statues, etc. and build around them. Place the larger items at every other pew or chair from about 10 pews/chairs from the front.Take about 6 yards of uncut sheer fabric and tuck it around the larger pieces at their bases. Add silk flower pedals or larger sized papercut shapes (go to a scrapbooking store for these) in the colors you have chosen. Last, place votive holders and the battery operated tealights in them throughout the gathered fabric.For another special touch I add full heads or single headed stems of the silk flowers too. {Ask for dimmer lighting and this will really pop.}No one can tell what is "real" or not...they just love the look!Hope that helps inspire you - CONGRATS!Lotsa Love,Lucy
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