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December 2009 Weddings


I really want to wear my hair half up half down. I have been growing it out for over a year and it is almost to the length I have always wanted.  The only thing is, my stylist thinks I should wear it up because of the humidity and the curls might fall.  (I think she had a brain fart on when my wedding was).  But it got me thinking, I am worried it might be "humid" at the reception when there are a lot of people in the room and especially when we are dancing and my hair would fall.  My hair will frizz if it is 80 and humid.  Not sure what to do: half up half down or all up....help! TIA

Re: Torn

  • I think as long as your hair looks nice for the ceremony and pictures it's okay if the curls fall during the reception. Moving around a lot and several hours of event will mean your hair will look different at the end of the night than it did at the beginning whether up or down. If you want half up/half down then that's what you should do. :)
  • I've been thinking about the same thing. I really wanted to do my hair half up and half down. But I'm also concerned about humidity. I'm in Texas and it seriously could be 80 degrees in december.
  • There's product you can use in your hair to keep it from frizzing. Ask your hairstylist. My salon uses Pureology cause its also keeps colored hair from fading but there are hundreds of products for anti-frizz. I've tried almost all of them!
  • You may want to re-think your stylist.  A great stylist will be able to get your hair just how you want it and make it stay through the evening.  You may need minor touch-ups though if it is REALLY humid. I'm going with half and half, but I think it depends on your gown. 
  • Thanks for the help everyoneBut as to getting a new stylist, not going to happen she has been doing my hair for years, thats just silly.  For it being August I dont have time to hunt down a new stylist, and switching because of an opinion that she is entitled to give is crazy.  I want people to tell me how something will look and give an opinion
  • I agree with pp that if you want it half up to go for it.  I'm sure it'll look great through the ceremony and the cake cutting and first dance, which is when most pics will be taken.  Then if you dance and party the night away and your do gets a little wild, then so be it!    I agree, though with the idea of sticking with your stylist.   I'm from a small town, and around here, going out and getting a new stylist is one step above adultery.  ;-)   
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