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January 2010 Weddings

RSVP By Date Question!!!

I think it's been discussed here but I wanted to ask again...My wedding is Jan 23rd. 90% of the guests are OOT.Because of the holidays I am planning on sending my invites a little earlier than the standard 2 months. I'm thinking of sending them out First or Second week of November.When should I ask for the RSVP by?When are you Jan brides sending your invites and what is your RSVP by date??THANKS!

Re: RSVP By Date Question!!!

  • my wedding is jan 1. i am shooting to have the invites out last wk of sept/first wk of october. we will have an RSVP deadline of nov 27. that way there is plenty of time to track down the straglers.
  • for our january 2nd wedding, we're sending the invites out the first or second week of october, and asking for replies by december 1st.
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  • Hi! My wedding is Jan 23 as well, and 98% of my guests are OOT as well. Were sending out the invites the first week in Nov and having the RSVP by Dec 20. (We would have said Dec 23, to put it a month before, but we dont want this to get mixed up in the holiday rush) Also, since most if not all guests are going to have to make travel arrangements, we figure this wont be too early a rsvp date. Hope that helps!
  • I don't get the whole "I don't want my invitations get mixed around with the holiday cards." We're getting married January 2nd. Our goal is to mail them Nov 1. Our RSVP date is Dec 4. Because the vast majority of your guests are out of town, I would go with the second week in November. Have an RSVP of Dec 19th or so, and then you can call all those you didn't RSVP right after Christmas. Or a week earlier if your venue needs the numbers earlier.
  • Ive never really understood the whole getting mixed with the holidays cards either, but Ive always been told just not to do it. haha.
  • Getting married January 1st. Since FI and I are idiots that can't keep track of dates (Which is partially why we picked New Years Day for the wedding, lol), we needed to base our schedule on easy-to-remember dates:We plan to have the sent out by 09/25 (My birthday), and we're doing an RSVP date of 11/26 (Thanksgiving). Flame me if you want for that stupid logic, but dammit, that's how we get things done! Lol.

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  • i agree with the whole getting mixed up in the mail thing, i dont think it makes too much sense...but i did my date of december 1st more for the guests' sake/my sake. With the holidays, I figured everyone would be busy, and december first was easy for them to remember, and enough time for me to track down those who "forgot" without stressing myself out with the holidays on top of the wedding planning.
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  • Yeah...I'm with Panda on this one. Our date is January 2 as well- and we're doing pretty much the same mailing and RSVP dates (Nov1 and first week of December). I think some of you ladies might run into a headache giving guests an 8 week RSVP window rather than having a shorter turn around time (I say that as a procrastinator myself hehehe). GL everyone! :0)
  • Amen, mnmccloud.
  • waiiit so Mccloud, you think we should have a shorter turn around time? I have no clue how these things normally work! like if we had an RSVP of early Dec, that would be better?
  • MrsCanes- I definitely think you should do a shorter turn around time. If your wedding is January 23, I would send your invitations out the last week of November. That way your guests should receive your invites before the true chaos of the holidays has begun. As for an RSVP date, I'd say late December, early January (depending on when your venue needs a final count, etc). Regardless, the majority of us are going to be spending some of our precious time calling people who haven't responded, but giving guests too much time leads to your beautiful invite/rsvp sitting in a pile of 'things to do'. Thats just my two cents ;0)
  • Sorry- to answer your question- if you're going to stick with an early November mailing then I would definitely do an early December RSVP deadline! ;0)
  • my wedidng is January 16th. I am sending my invitations begining of November because we have tons of OOT guests and I asked for my RSVP date to be Dec 1st. Our wedding planner recommend doing it early because people wont do it on that exact date and once you have your RSVP list you have alot of things to get done like seating list, numbe rof programs, menus and so forth. so earlier the better.
  • We'll send our invitations the third week of October with a December 1 reply date for a January 16 wedding. Most of our guests are from OOT, and we have hotel blocks clsoing in the middle of November. Early invitation mailing was necessary to me for those reasons. Honestly, the "avoid the holiday mail" suggestion makes perfect sense to me. When are your invitations and RSVP's going to get where they're going most efficiently and attentively-- in October, or during the holiday season, when USPS has 19 billion pieces of holiday mail to handle ON TOP of it's regular volume? I'm confident in my guests' ability to sort their personal mail, but I'd rather utilize the USPS when their resources aren't quite as heavily taxed.
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  • Wedding is Jan 8....the invites are going out nov 2 with a RSVP date of Dec 11. Most of my guests are not OOT and everyone has gotten a STD so I'm not that concerned with getting them out early. Since your guests are primarily OOT it would probably be best for you to send them out at the time that you are planning on.
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  • I'm also getting married on Jan 23rd :) We're planning on sending invites around the second week in Nov, and our RSVP by date is Dec 18th.
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