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Vent... ugh

   I realize this is 100% wedding related but I need to vent some where. I am getting money back from school in october which I was planning on putting towards the wedding, like getting my dress, paying off some stuff ect. Well this morning on my way to work my car decides to die and I ran into the curb and popped my tire, not to mention its at a busy intersection. I know have no idea why it happened and whether or not i can be fixed or if I need to get a new car. So there goes my money for the wedding. Ontop of all that we are closing on our first house on friday, which should be exciting, but instead if overwhelming  and need to some how come up money for a washer and dryer and all that junk. UGHHHH......  I know that things will work out some how, but I am freaking out. Thanks for listening, =)

Re: Vent... ugh

  • You know that really sucks! I get money back from school too and I'm banking on that extra cash to help pay for the wedding so I know exactly what you're going through right now. Just keep your head up and on the positive, you're getting a new house! We're just now house hunting :(
  • I hear you girl! I just got my dress this weekend AND put an offer on my first house, so I am FEELING the stress!  It makes me want to watch every cent I have just to prepare for all the crap I know I'll have to buy if and when we move in.  There is always something that will come up that will be expensive, but you will make it somehow.  I'm sorry about your car, but I hope your day get better! :-)
  • reminds me of when we got the keys to our first house back in october. i had to get gas on the way to pick up the keys.. and i hit the curb at the GAS STATION and popped my tire AND bent the rim.. the quote from the dealer was $800 to get it fixed.. FI finally found me a rim on ebay.. now i just need a new tire. but as FI says.. everything will work out.. just remember that!!
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  • What a terrible way to start a Monday morning :(  I'm really sorry that you're feeling so stressed - I'm in a similar situation (it seems like we all are - I love this board lol), and I know it's all stressful and overwhelming, but I've found that it's best to deal with one thing at a time, prioritize the things you need to do, and breathe :).  I hope that things get better for you, sorry about your car, hopefully you won't need a new one.  I'm definitely going to send some positive vibes your way :)PS - we're date twins, so my positive vibes should work twice as well ... very nice :)
  • I know how stressful finances can be. Try to look at it as an adventure...I gave notice at my job this morning and they fired me on the spot...so that is two weeks less income then I thought I was going to have. Little things like this can either get us down or make us stronger. Hopefully everything will work out for you! This board is great and you can always vent to us =)
  • I'm so sorry about your car. I am praying mine lasts until after the wedding, but we really can't count on anything. Your story is a good reminder that we all need to stay prepared for anything! Try to stay excited about the wonderful things happening in your life, and good luck!
  • oh dear... we all seem to be struggling... trying to get approved for a loan right now.. then planning a wedding.. we just bought a new washer and dryer, i had to get a new car a month ago... everything is piling up.. but at the end of the day.. u smile at ur FI and know that year from now you will Mrs. FI's last name..
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  • Thank you ladies so much!!! You have really helped me put everything in perspective. I know that it may feel like one thing after another but, its not the end of the world and at the end of the day my FI love each very much and we are just beginning our journey together, super cheesy but true. I need to be enjoying this next year and all the excitement of getting married and buying a home. I am glad that we are all here for each other!! It certainly is helpfull.  DZKathryn I am so sorry about your job, but you are so positive I love it!! My thoughts and prayers will certainly be out to all you ladies over the next year. Parijl21 Yay to Date Twins!!!! OUr wedding date and our closing date on the house are exactly one year apart, so maybe there is some positive vibes involved in that too. Haha   Thanks Again Ladies =)
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